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Is a Darwinian evolutionary biologist waking up to the world in which he is living?

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You’d almost think so: Jerry Coyne is talking about a new book by Andrew Sullivan:

I didn’t dare be that captious about Kendi’s book when I read it, but Sullivan is braver than I, and I pretty much agree with his characterization. Kendi’s suggestion about the Constitutional Amendment frightens me. As he wrote at Politico:

“ [The amendment] would establish and permanently fund the Department of Anti-racism (DOA) comprised of formally trained experts on racism and no political appointees. The DOA would be responsible for preclearing all local, state and federal public policies to ensure they won’t yield racial inequity, monitor those policies, investigate private racist policies when racial inequity surfaces, and monitor public officials for expressions of racist ideas. The DOA would be empowered with disciplinary tools to wield over and against policymakers and public officials who do not voluntarily change their racist policy and ideas.”

Can you imagine that? It suffers from the same problem as having A Department of Speech Monitoring: who, exactly, do you trust to make the judgments? And in this case, the result would be oppressive, authoritarian (it would supercede, for instance, the Supreme Court), divisive, and frightening. It would be the ruination of American society, turning into an Orwellian nightmare.

It baffles me that so many people seem to adhere to Kendi’s views—or at least this one.

Jerry Coyne, “Andrew Sullivan flogs his new book and discusses the meaning of CRT” at Why Evolution Is True (July 17, 2021)

Why be surprised? It is jobs for life for literate but unintellectual people. Cracking down hard on the frightening world of ideas…

Fact is, Darwin’s people imposed this on the rest of us for a long time. It’s good if they are beginning to see, however dimly, the problem.

Guys, Please be nice to our poor Atheist friends like Dr Coyne. Put yourself in his shoes. It cant be fun when Nature's Science, trying to cover up the true cause of the pandemic, gives us top Scientists putting out Chinese Communist Propaganda. Or when Cornell Astronomers claim that Black Holes are racist, or when Top Peer Reviewed Journals like Lancet have been printing forged data on coronaviruses, in the middle of a national emergency. It must be awful for Dr Coyne when the Gatekeepers of Virology, Biology, and Climate Science are condoning corruption and malpractice. And of course, imagine Dr Coyne's horror when Scientific American is printing abject lunacy. Meanwhile, with evolution spinning ever deeper into confusion, with no rational Non Creationist explanation for fine tuning, with Origin of Life Research going from a flop into a total joke, Creationism is in the catbird seat. It must be tough to be a churlish has-been accustomed to sneering at the hoi polloi,to be stuck trying to prop up the sagging edifice of Atheist Science when it's self destructing. So my fellow Creationists, we should be like the Good Samaritan. Never kick a guy when he's down. At least not this far down. So lets cut Dr Coyne some slack. TAMMIE LEE HAYNES
AS78, recall, that Saul, unjustly seeking David's life and falling into David's hands, was twice protected by him in the context of respect for God's anointed. That is, those in positions of governorship are God's servants tasked to do us good, defending the civil peace of justice [cf Rom 13:1 - 7, written with Nero in mind]. Respect for office and for the person of the ruler is clearly part of gospel ethics. At the same time, we are to reserve to God what is God's, i.e. Caesar has no just power to claim loyalty in the place of God, e.g. pretending to be a god to be offered sacrifices and oaths not bound by the higher loyalty to the All-Good. This includes the iniquity of deeming good evil and evil good, twisted straight and straight twisted, darkness enlightenment and truth ignorance under false colour of law. That is, political messianism -- of any species -- is idolatry. This includes the sorts being pushed by radical progressivists and their agendas, not just the flaws and foibles of a populist who these hate with unreasonable rage. In the case of democracies, the people have a duty of solemn assembly to audit and choose governors, so bear responsibility for consequences; including allowing corruption of electoral systems and media, as is patent. To the point of an ongoing reichstag fire agit prop, lawfare move. A decadent people invite corrupting leadership and will not endure sound instruction. KF kairosfocus
ET@7: Bravo. Well said. Truth Will Set You Free
“When American Christians start believing the US is God’s chosen nation and Donald Trump has been anointed by their God to be President for life then they’ve definitely gone off the rails. That’s not what the faith I was taught as a child was all about.“ I have no issue with your comment at 6, it’s reasonable, and much like I have said about science, any organization of religion is only as good as the people practicing it. AaronS1978
Darwin's people have imposed the failed philosophy of materialism on us under the guise of science. And the world is a much worse place because of it. ET
Blah blah blah religions bad blah blah blah evolutions good thank you seversky
I don't think there's anything necessarily wrong with religions per se but there definitely is with the way some people put them into practice. When American Christians start believing the US is God's chosen nation and Donald Trump has been anointed by their God to be President for life then they've definitely gone off the rails. That's not what the faith I was taught as a child was all about. Seversky
what do you guys think of this article? https://www.nbcnews.com/science/science-news/just-7-percent-dna-unique-modern-humans-study-shows-rcna1445#:~:text=Just%207%20percent%20of%20our%20DNA%20is%20unique,History%20in%20New%20York%20on%20January%208%2C%202003. zweston
“Do we have to attend services each Sunday where we worship the Lord of Evolution and passages are read from from On The Origin Of Species?“ No, your an idiot, trying to once again connect the dots to how hypocritical and evil religion is due to this article. Do you go to mass? No. Then shut it. “Do schoolchildren have to attend compulsory evolutionary observances each morning before classes begin?” Are your trying to refer to Mormon seminary or mass? And again your parallel is a stretch. Furthermore biology is required in every school curriculum that I know of, where at least, it must be taken multiple times and evolution is observed for at least one hour 2 to 5 days a week depending on the school. Students are not allowed to discuss any other views about origin durning class in most cases and are ridiculed by teachers for doing so by some (jerry coyne for instance) “Is “In evolution we trust” embossed on our currency ?“ Wow no it’s not. And people like Bill Maher have been trying to get in “God we trust” off the bill for years. If this burns your ass that much I would like to just keep it there so it continues to piss you off. But you should be happy that monetary currency is actually slowly going away and will be replaced by electronic, where you can’t embossed that anywhere. Of course you might be right. we do need to put in evolution we trust on everything, because that’s what evolutionist do, is explain everything that we do viva evolution no matter how ridiculous the explanation is and no matter the lack of evidence, Thank you Evo psych. And finally since you seem to always constantly like to point out how hypocritical religion is fallaciously I’ll just leave you with a tried and true example of evolution being evil Nazis factually used evolution and science to justify their brand of eugenics It has resulted in millions of people dead In the past century alone And so have many other groups Blah blah blah religions bad blah blah blah evolutions good thank you seversky AaronS1978
It would be better to have it done by a bureaucracy. We would know it's censorship. Offloading it to Twitter and FB is sneaky, and still seems to fool many people. . Soviet citizens knew what they had to deal with, so they were less prone to make stupid mistakes. People who delusionally believe in weird bizarre myths like "rights" and "constitutions" will constantly overstep the bounds, which is exactly what the government wants. polistra
And the secretary of state just invited the UN to provide a similar service for us. What could possibly go wrong? es58
Exactly what is it that "Darwin's people" have imposed on us? Do we have to attend services each Sunday where we worship the Lord of Evolution and passages are read from from On The Origin Of Species? Do schoolchildren have to attend compulsory evolutionary observances each morning before classes begin? Is "In evolution we trust" embossed on our currency ? Remind us just who is imposing what on who and has done so for centuries. Seversky

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