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Jewish scientists who are not Darwinists

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Not unusual, apparently, but not what we hear from the Darwinist PR agencies (oops, legacy mainstream media), here. For example:

University of Chicago physics Ph.D. Nathan Aviezer, a highly respected scientist and author of nearly one-hundred peer-reviewed scientific articles, wrote a book titled In the Beginning: Biblical Creation in Science (1990) defending creationism. Now professor of physics at Bar-Ilan University, he argued in this work that the current scientific evidence (not theory) is in remarkable agreement with the biblical account of creation. He added that modern scientific findings have not negated, but rather have clarified, many biblical passages. In another book Aviezer wrote that as an established

professional scientist for several decades, I greatly respect and value the scientific enterprise. However, one must not lose sight of the fact that scientific research is carried out by human beings, who are subject to the same shortcomings of prejudice, professional jealousy, and national pride that afflict us all. The history of science shows that subjective behavior has plagued some of the most famous scientists throughout their careers (2001, p. 193).

He expects that some of the “current contradictions between Torah and science” well melt away as new scientific understanding emerges. In fact, this has already happened in many scientific disciplines, including geology, cosmology, and molecular biology, where the discoveries of the last few decades have led to a rapidly growing convergence between Torah and science (2001, p. 193).

Expelled’s Gerald Schroeder is mentioned too.

There’s a world out there that is not Darwin’s.

Its welcome if Jewish researchers etc doubt evolution or push creationism(s) however Jews are out of proportion represented in these fields of science and so must be a factor in why creationism is not more inline with the American etc population. Demographics matter. They have out of proportion been advocates for evolutionism and very hostile ones. indeed i beieve they have a great hostility to creationism as its related to Christianity and historical Christian and national identities. Motivations are real for everyone. Yes "science' does not contradict Torah (I think he means our bible) Yes we need more Jews in israel or North america to get on board . We need all mankind to get on board. Robert Byers
Glad to see that there are many well respected Jewish scientists who are also creationists! Thanks for pointing that out. The list in the article was quite impressive. Many of them are not only ID supporters but true creationists as well and they don't mind letting it be known. Good for them! Darwinists make fun of America because they claim it is the only industrialized nation that still lags in evolutionary faith, but it looks from this article that as a nation, Israel is even more skeptical of evolution than the US is. tjguy
If the Gallup Polls are any indication most of the world (80-90%) is not Darwin's. Joseph

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