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Making “Darwin himself chuckle”

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Here’s the film used for decades to indoctrinate millions of Canadian school kids into Darwinism.

This short animation film about the evolution of life on Earth would make Darwin himself chuckle. It’s funnier than any learned treatise, and yet it’s all here – from the single-celled amoebae romping about the ocean depths, to the first amphibious creatures crawling onto land, to the forefathers of Homo sapiens.

Oddly, most Canadian moppets n’ poppets don’t grow up to believe Darwinism, but rather to recognize that Darwinism is part of the belief system that the elite enforce. That is a different matter, and the ensuing disbelief is the usual fate of enforced beliefs:

In a trend that … departs very much from the American scene, the people who intend to vote Liberal were much more likely than those who intended to vote either Conservative or NDP (leftist) to choose a “theistic” option – God either created humans or guided the process. Only 22% of Liberals thought God had nothing to do with it, but 31% of Conservatives thought that, as did 31% of leftist voters.

Nowhere does Darwin rule, except among the increasingly embattled elite. Spending more money on indoctrination and sending the heavies after public doubters like these will only advertise the fact.

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