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More coffee!! Darwinism and popular culture: If this is love, please hate me instead

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This guy, David Loye, an American progressive, wants a kinder, gentler evolution, and tells us about the real Darwin:

“In the Descent of Man Charles Darwin wrote only twice of “survival of the fittest” — but 95 times about love! 92 times about moral sensitivity. And 200 times about brain and mind.”

Yes, but did Loye happen to notice all the racism in the book?

This transcript of a talk gives you some sense of Loye’s program for all of us for the century.

Also just up at The Post-Darwinist:

From the mailbox: Competition in nature is overrated

All this just happens when you add water and stir (spectacular scanning electron microscope images)

Is he implying that "survival of the fittest" is not a loving concept? Seriously, this sounds a lot like some of the stuff pastors say in sermons about the Bible, analyzing words like "love" by how many times they appear. tragic mishap
"All this just happens when you add water and stir." It did not "just happen". First, a being wanted it to happen, then it happened. Seriously, do you honestly think that any biologist believes that water alone somehow caused abiogenesis? Is there simply some Rule that water could not have been part of the process, because hey, that's just silly? No need to examine the chemical argument, because it can easily be rejected outright with "Just add water? Ha!" Lenoxus

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