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Much that is supposed to be “science” in pop culture is mere scientism


Wave enough hands (and pom poms) and Air TV thinks you are only a step from a major discovery.

This from commentator Steven Hayward:

Ironically the best evidence for the abuse of climate science by the political class comes from a very sober commentary in Nature magazine this week about how climate scientists are concerned that the upcoming UN climate summit in Paris next December won’t reach a serious agreement (they’re right about this), but especially how the politicians are ignoring what scientists are telling them and the dilemma this supposedly causes climate scientists:

Climate science advisers should use the time before Paris to reassess their role. Do they want to inform policy-makers or support the political process? The climate policy mantra — that time is running out for 2 ̊C but we can still make it if we act now — is a scientific nonsense. Advisers who shy away from saying so squander their scientific reputations and public trust in climate research.

One smiles at the charming naïvete, typical of many scientists, of the author of this piece in not understanding that supporting the political process is the whole point of the UN enterprise, as a senior aide to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott pointed out in an “emperor’s no clothes” moment a couple days ago. The science community should understand that when the grasping political class says it wants “science,” what it really wants is “scientism” in support of a political agenda. Don’t bother them with the fine points, and especially inconvenient facts such as how unserious their actual policy agenda is compared to how serious they say the climate crisis is. More.

Fans of government that is equal parts hypocrisy, self-righteousness, self-assurance, and authoritarianism will get their wish. The unfair part is that others will too.

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" Advisers who shy away from saying so squander their scientific reputations and public trust in climate research." Too little too late. Jim Smith

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