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Neuroscientist Raymond Tallis’s “I’m fed-up with neuro- and evo psycho- fads” is catching on …

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First Things first thunkit? No, but is among the first to catch on. I see where, at their “First Thoughts,” blog, Joe Carter has picked up on Raymond Tallis’ outing of “Darwinitis”of the mind, in New Statesman. Tallis’s punctures into the balloons of neuro-this and neuro-that and “evolutionary psychology” resulted in interesting comments. It also got picked up at Arts and Letters Daily, billed as

Brain-science enthusiasts promise a more peaceful and prosperous world. Great, right? Maybe not. Raymond Tallis punctures neuromania…

Since the recent death of its point man, Denis “literary Darwinism” Dutton, it may now be possible to name nonsense as such and get picked up there much more readily.

If you want to see the type of thing Tallis is skewering:

Neuro-this (How evolution and neurology explain why people voted for Sarah Palin … )

Neuro-that (How little girls evolved to wear pink, except they didn’t, and why in general, women’s brains are really, really different from men’s – except they aren’t.)

“Evolutionary” psychology “Darwinian ‘triggers’ to persuasion and captivatin read more like the seven deadly sins”, … oh, and why not also the Evolutionary sob sister columnist? Or, The monkeys talk, I swear it!


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