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Podcasts in the intelligent design controversy, with brief comments

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1. The Positive Case for Intelligent Design

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What exactly is the positive argument for intelligent design? This episode of ID the Future is taken from a recent lecture on intelligent design given by Casey Luskin. Because of the way the media misrepresents the issue, even those who may be predisposed to support ID don’t understand what the theory actually is. Listen in to discover what the scientific theory of intelligent design really entails.

Actually, all that it really entails is what most humans have always noticed – that there is design in life, as well as iron law and brute chance. Just how science ended up supporting some unbelievable alternative position will doubtless be the subject of many dissertations and pop books in decades to come.

2. Doubting Darwin on His Anniversary

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As On the Origin of Species hits its 150th anniversary tomorrow and we witness the height of focused media attention on Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, why do so many remain unconvinced? On this episode of ID the Future, CSC Associate Director John West explains the good reasons people have for rejecting Darwinian evolution, based on both the scientific evidence and the way it purports to overthrow long-cherished ideas about human dignity, morality, and God.

Why hasn’t Darwin convinced everyone after all these years? Listen in and find out.

In my experience, sensible people don’t believe what is not believable, and the miracles of Darwinian evolution are right up there with 9-11 truthers and the Face on Mars.

Besides which, the Darwinist is not long into his rant before he proclaims that we are 98% chimp and we only flatter ourselves that we are smarter than chimps, and – often – that there are too many of us anyway.

The first two propositions are clearly untrue on the evidence. The third is a matter of simple opinion. Now that the UN is proclaiming a war on obesity in the Third World, we are not haunted by the spectre of starvation as much as formerly, are we? So “too many” is not an objective calculation – merely opinion about what’s important. Anyone can get a free card and join that game.

Wait a minute! 9-11 Truth has a lot of very compelling questions to ask. Why paint it as ridiculous? avocationist
If we're 98% similar, there sure is a huge amount of dissimilarity in that remaining 2%! Mung
...the Darwinist is not long into his rant before he proclaims that we are 98% chimp and we only flatter ourselves that we are smarter than chimps... I think the average person, when confronted with this line of argumentation, might reason as follows: If chimps are 98% like humans, where is the 98% chimp-Mozart? (Perhaps a composition with 2% wrong notes would validate the correlation.) Or, where is the 98% chimp-bow-and-arrow maker? (Oops, the chimp failed to figure out how to put feathers on the back of the arrow, but got everything else right -- at least a 2% difference.) It is quite obvious that a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology, or thorough indoctrination in irrational Darwinism, is required to not recognize the obvious. Fortunately, most people don't have a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology, and therefore can think rationally and clearly concerning Darwinian claims. The immediate response of a common-sense, rational person, when confronted with the 98% chimp-human similarity hypothesis, is: "Are you kidding me?" Obvious idiocy is a hard sell, which is why skepticism remains. GilDodgen

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