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PZ Myers misrepresenting late Christopher Hitchens?

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From Godless Spellchecker:

PZ Myers has a habit of publicly disagreeing with the more successful figures in the ‘atheist movement’, which would be fine normally. Disagreement is healthy. It’s just that when PZ ‘disagrees’, he tends to reach for the worst possible smears available to make his point. This behaviour has been going on for years, but has recently been distilled in its most toxic form thanks to his interactions with Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland. I urge you read about that here.

Anyhow, Myers was engaging in a bout of Hitchens bashing on Twitter: Godless Spellchecker:

Darwinian evolution at work: Descent of Man division, we would guess.

See also:

Anything by Bach, for relief.


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Hi Roy at 1: Thanks for pointing out that links didn't work. The piece was schedded for midnight, so no one was checking. Fixed now. Godless Spellchecker speaks for himself. Here, we find stories about Darwinian atheists about each other to be better and more believable than stories by them about natural life forms. Tastes, you know. News
Based on past form, Betteridge's law and the fact that you haven't even attempted to provide any evidence of misrepresentation, I'm going to go with "no". Added: Nor do the links work, so there's no easy way to come to a more conclusive answer. So, "no". Added later: Unmangling the links provided some idea of the context, but not enough to justify the above. Certainly not enough to justify quoting the denigration of PZ Myers but not the facts of the case (not that anything could). Roy

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