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Reb Moshe: Dawkins is chicken … which we all knew, but he says it better.

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Dawkins self-righteously declared that since Craig is an “apologist for genocide,” he is “proud to leave that chair in Oxford empty.” The “genocide” in question is the war of the Israelites against the morally debauched Canaanites that took place some thirty-three centuries in the past. (For those who find the math difficult, that is 3,300 years ago.) Whether or not one is prepared to agree with Dr. Craig’s analysis of the biblical passages in question is really beside the point. Not even a hater of religion like Christopher Hitchens (who did debate Craig) would ever dream of accusing Craig of advocating gratuitous violence against non-believers and certainly not genocide.

very british; it reminds me when the england's national team refused to attend the first socce world cup editions because of their alleged great superiority, until being humiliated by the Hungary's legendary national team; they managed to win only a world cup edition, that held in 1966 in England, when Pelè was injured and thanks to a (in)famous 'non-goal'; the behavior of dawkins seems to me pretty similar krtgdl

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