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Rod Dreher’s take on Wade wade-ing into evolution and race

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Murray warns that Wade is probably about to be steamrollered by the kill-the-messenger brigades — that Wade’s faith in people’s ability to calmly accept and reflect on science is misplaced:

Before they have even opened “A Troublesome Inheritance,” some reviewers will be determined not just to refute it but to discredit it utterly—to make people embarrassed to be seen purchasing it or reading it. These chapters will be their primary target because Mr. Wade chose to expose his readers to a broad range of speculative analyses, some of which are brilliant and some of which are weak. If I had been out to trash the book, I would have focused on the weak ones, associated their flaws with the book as a whole and dismissed “A Troublesome Inheritance” as sloppy and inaccurate. The orthodoxy’s clerisy will take that route, ransacking these chapters for material to accuse Mr. Wade of racism, pseudoscience, reliance on tainted sources, incompetence and evil intent. You can bet on it.

Well, Charles Murray should know. Anyway, read the whole review. I’m not often drawn to science books, and I have a deep unease about anything to do with genetics and race, but Murray’s review made me want to read this one.

Maybe the point is just to see what people can be got to accept if you call it “evolution” that they would despise if you called it, oh who knows?, “family values” or something. Keep you posted.

Note: Readers might remembr Dreher from here.

Hat tip: Bioethics.com

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Barb No. I always have said all are souls and conceived/born equal. After that there is the influence. males are more MOTIVATED to accomplish and so always prevail over females in final stats. To dat the greatest accomplishments have come from the English civilization as a reflection on those englishmen. Although actually its about evangelical/puritan influence in the last centuries and along with the English was the Scottish and Dutch and some Germans etc. You misunderstand that there are real results at place and time in identies but its not from genes or the brain. Its just what the babies pick up. Yet they pick it up because of who they are born amongst. Identity is everrything but evolutionary ideas of genes is a hilarious and even evilish concept especially after all the jazz about human equality from everyone since ww11. Its a great chance for creationism to persuade the public about the end results of evolution on defining man into a ape and then unequal apes. Robert Byers
The Bell Curve, along with the Bible, are the only two books in the world that are acceptable to burn per the elite, leftist intelligentsia. This one may join the pile, but one can hardly deny the impact that it will likely make on the debate. Get the popcorn ready. OldArmy94
There should be no allowance for stupid and perhaps evil conclusions about defining mankind and children as more or less intelligent by race/sex. This is exactly what you have been claiming on this blog. Repeatedly. You claim in another thread that British people, particularly whites, are a superior civilization. You claim that Blacks aren't really Africans. You claim that women don't do much with respect to science. Are you changing your mind now? Barb
At my (News's) personal blog, a reader writes: “ Rod has seemed to me to be someone who wants a foot in both camps, like he wants to be seen as conservative, but cool, too, Christian, but not like those uncool Christians. I hope I have not misjudged him.” I replied: “The odd thing is that this gene-based racism BECAME cool suddenly. Why? Just when the regular science media is saying, enough already about the gene. It doesn't predict enough to justify the singular importance attached to it. Just when everyone else is trying to figure out how to scale it down as a factor, boom. Hmmm.” News
There should be no allowance for stupid and perhaps evil conclusions about defining mankind and children as more or less intelligent by race/sex. This is a attack on mankind and mankind that has fought against racial concepts in morals or intelligence. They want war then give them war. Its been too long, and too far to allow crazy ideas about race to interfere with mankind and north america. They lost long ago. The bible teaches the innate equality of man. no race exists even much less affecting brains or morals. Its never been a act of courage to diminish groups of men based on race. It easily finds a following. this book should be used by creationist but dismissed by everyone else. its an attack on all of us. its evil. this time it really is. its too late to go back to Hitler and others. creationism say no. This author should find other books to read. Robert Byers

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