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Royal Society to meet on paradigm shift in evolution?

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So Suzan Mazur, author of The Paradigm Shifters: Overthrowing “the Hegemony of the Culture of Darwin,” tells us in Huffington Post:

Sir Paul Nurse has just completed his five-year term as president of the Royal Society. The Nobel laureate and molecular biologist has been succeeded by Nobel laureate Sir Venkatraman “Venki” Ramakrishnan, who is a structural biologist.

The Paradigm Shifters: Overthrowing 'the Hegemony of the Culture of Darwin'

But Nurse, who will continue in his role as chief of Francis Crick Institute, has not left the Royal Society without first ensuring that the world’s oldest scientific society remains relevant: a major Royal Society meeting in London has been called for November 7-9, 2016 on evolution paradigm shift with the understated working title, “New Trends in Evolutionary Biology: Philosophical and Social Science Implications.” The conference is being co-sponsored by the British Academy for the humanities and social sciences. While specific details of the event have not yet been announced, I’m told that many of the 50 or so scientists associated with The Third Way of Evolution — who I call “The Paradigm Shifters” — will attend … More.

Well, 50 is way more promising than 16. Mazur got locked out of the Altenberg 16 meet (of a broad assortment of scientists and philosophers fed up with the Darwin lobby) in 2008, apparently because she had “got ahead of the story.”

That is, back then people were hesitant to come right out and say what everyone knows.

What “everyone knows”?

Well, that ranges from “The 21st century is the age of information” (Kadanoff) right down to “Darwinism makes you stupid” (O’Leary for News, climbing out from under a heap of Darwin-inspired dunciads.)

In fairness, Darwin probably had way more sense than many of his followers today. But that’s hardly a proposition they can take to the bank, is it?

Maybe the science world is waking up? Hope Mazur gets to cover it this time. Stay tuned.

See also: Questioning Darwinism at The Scientist? (If this isn’t a hoax, we wonder how long it’ll last)


Has Nature “got” what is at stake in the string theory controversy? It’s not so much that science will change as that it will cease to exist. The world is full of viable, widely believed, often useful, but untestable theories. They’re fine—unless someone calls them science.

Dunciad? Oh, that just means a celebration of intellectual dullness:

Loud thunder to its bottom shook the bog,

And the hoarse nation croak’d, ‘God save King Log!’

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Darwin Still Rules, but Some Biologists Dream of a Paradigm Shift Mung
Want kind of “paradigm shift” are you guys expecting?
It's already been happening for some time now. First, away from the "it just happened, that's all" mentality that makes evolutionary theory seem more like telling tales than doing science. Mung
Want kind of "paradigm shift" are you guys expecting? I'm just curious. Alicia Cartelli
I'm sure there will be some interesting conversations going on at this meeting, in private, but publicly I wonder how they will hang on to their devotion to materialism. Sadly the natural man's mind is darkened. I remember when I was young why some pretty convincing proofs wouldn't convince people of the reality of many different things let alone God and Christ. Take the Royal Astronomical Society reporting about a scientist with convincing evidence that they themselves reported on, about the sun is going into a solar minimum and a Maunder Minimum is due to start around 2030. They had to peer review his work to publish it and yet they support measures to thwart AGW. Which is it, cold or hot? Of course the AGW crowd immediately attacked the article, but nevertheless they printed it. Here's a link to the article. https://www.ras.org.uk/news-and-press/2680-irregular-heartbeat-of-the-sun-driven-by-double-dynamo I'm afraid there will not be much in the way of any concessions to ID come out of this conference, but there will be some quotable moments for sure. jimmontg
Here is an interesting quote from the article.
"Maybe biology is on the edge of something similar to 1905 physics with the emerging complexity of biological systems -- in fact, a move from straight forward linear causality. And I wonder whether biology may go through a revolution in the coming decades." Paul Nurse
Although Dr. Nurse was almost certainly referring to Einstein's 'miracle year',,,
Einstein: Einstein's Miracle Year ('Insight into Eternity' – Thought Experiment - 55 second mark) - video http://www.history.com/topics/albert-einstein/videos/einstein-einsteins-miracle-year 1905: Albert Einstein publishes his four Annus Mirabilis papers. In particular, he formulates the theory of special relativity and states the law of mass-energy conservation: E = mc². He also explains the photoelectric effect by quantization and mathematically analyzes Brownian motion. Because of this, 1905 is said to be the miraculous year for physics, and its 100th anniversary (2005) will be declared the World Year of Physics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1905_in_science#Physics
Although Dr. Nurse was almost certainly referring to Einstein's 'miracle year', I hold that a bigger paradigm shift is coming to biology than merely the 'adjustment' that relativity did to classical physics. I hold that the paradigm shift coming to biology will instead be a 'quantum' shift' that undermines the entire reductive materialistic basis undergirding Darwinian thought. Jim Al-Khalili, who is an atheist, at the 2:30 minute mark of the following video, states,
"Biologists, on the other hand have got off lightly in my view. They are very happy with their balls and sticks models of molecules. The balls are the atoms. The sticks are the bonds between the atoms. And when they can't build them physically in the lab nowadays they have very powerful computers that will simulate a huge molecule.,, It doesn't really require much in the way of quantum mechanics in the way to explain it." At the 6:52 minute mark of the video, Jim Al-Khalili goes on to state: “To paraphrase, (Erwin Schrödinger in his book “What Is Life”), he says at the molecular level living organisms have a certain order. A structure to them that’s very different from the random thermodynamic jostling of atoms and molecules in inanimate matter of the same complexity. In fact, living matter seems to behave in its order and its structure just like inanimate cooled down to near absolute zero. Where quantum effects play a very important role. There is something special about the structure, about the order, inside a living cell. So Schrodinger speculated that maybe quantum mechanics plays a role in life”. Jim Al-Khalili – Quantum biology – video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOzCkeTPR3Q
And just as materialistic explanations are 'not even wrong' for explaining quantum physics, so too will the materialistic explanations of Darwinian evolution be 'not even wrong' as to explaining quantum biology:
Physicists Discover Quantum Law of Protein Folding – February 22, 2011 Quantum mechanics finally explains why protein folding depends on temperature in such a strange way. Excerpt: First, a little background on protein folding. Proteins are long chains of amino acids that become biologically active only when they fold into specific, highly complex shapes. The puzzle is how proteins do this so quickly when they have so many possible configurations to choose from. To put this in perspective, a relatively small protein of only 100 amino acids can take some 10^100 different configurations. If it tried these shapes at the rate of 100 billion a second, it would take longer than the age of the universe to find the correct one. Just how these molecules do the job in nanoseconds, nobody knows.,,, Today, Luo and Lo say these curves can be easily explained if the process of folding is a quantum affair. By conventional thinking, a chain of amino acids can only change from one shape to another by mechanically passing though various shapes in between. But Luo and Lo say that if this process were a quantum one, the shape could change by quantum transition, meaning that the protein could ‘jump’ from one shape to another without necessarily forming the shapes in between.,,, Their astonishing result is that this quantum transition model fits the folding curves of 15 different proteins and even explains the difference in folding and unfolding rates of the same proteins. That's a significant breakthrough. Luo and Lo's equations amount to the first universal laws of protein folding. That’s the equivalent in biology to something like the thermodynamic laws in physics. http://www.technologyreview.com/view/423087/physicists-discover-quantum-law-of-protein/ Quantum coherent-like state observed in a biological protein for the first time - October 13, 2015 Excerpt: If you take certain atoms and make them almost as cold as they possibly can be, the atoms will fuse into a collective low-energy quantum state called a Bose-Einstein condensate. In 1968 physicist Herbert Fröhlich predicted that a similar process at a much higher temperature could concentrate all of the vibrational energy in a biological protein into its lowest-frequency vibrational mode. Now scientists in Sweden and Germany have the first experimental evidence of such so-called Fröhlich condensation (in proteins).,,, The real-world support for Fröhlich's theory (for proteins) took so long to obtain because of the technical challenges of the experiment, Katona said. http://phys.org/news/2015-10-quantum-coherent-like-state-biological-protein.html
Of note, quantum coherence, like entanglement, is also a 'non-local', beyond space and time, effect:
Coherence and nonlocality Usually quantum nonlocality is discussed in terms of correlated multiparticle systems such as those discussed by John Bell in his famous 1964 theorem and then later clarified by GHZ, David Mermin and others. But more striking and significant is the qualitative nonlocal phenomena associated with coherent states,,,, In fact, theoretically these two kinds of nonlocality have precisely the same basis: the unmeasured singlet state uncovered by EPR is a coherent 'pure state' despite its spatial extension, and when the parts are realized in a measurement (a la Bell) this coherence is harvested or cashed in. Whereas the "EPR" connections are ephemeral and fragile, some forms of nonlocal coherence are robust. http://www.nonlocal.com/hbar/nonlocalcoherence.html Classical and Quantum Information in DNA – Elisabeth Rieper – video (Longitudinal Quantum Information along the entire length of DNA discussed at the 19:30 minute mark; at 24:00 minute mark Dr Rieper remarks that practically the whole DNA molecule can be viewed as quantum information with classical information embedded within it) https://youtu.be/2nqHOnVTxJE?t=1176
Yes, I would agree with that. They need to put the "Great" back into Britain. Christian-apologetics.org
Well I wish the bRits well but these days I question they keep up intellectually relative to their heritage or numbers or wealth. I think its ober for bulldog brit. Its north america that matters. Thats the intellectual cutting edge future. Robert Byers

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