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Sometimes, one must take a bath in how Darwinism has corrupted popular culture to understand it.


I (O’Leary for News) happened to be looking up a concept connected with Easter: On Holy Saturday, many hold that  Jesus ushered the just people from former ages into Heaven. I came across this page:

The Resurrection Icon and the World Without Charles Darwin

It offers information for the “objective” student of Russian, Greek, and Balkan icons. Where we learn, unpacking the meaning of the icon:

At the bottom is an elaborated version of the “old” image, with Christ standing on the gates of Hades and grasping Adam by the hand, as Eve and other Old Testament women kneel before him. John the Forerunner and King David are already in the crowd that is moving up toward Paradise in a long line. The huge mouth in which Eve kneels shows the manner in which the “Jaws of Hell/Hades” were depicted at that time, like a great monster with his mouth open.

At the top of the line going to Paradise is the Repentant Thief Rakh, holding his cross that will guarantee him admission if he is questioned, because Jesus himself had promised him “Today shalt thou be with me in Paradise.” At upper right we see Rakh after he has been let through the doors of Paradise, being welcomed by Enoch and Elijah, the only Old Testament figures allowed in Paradise previously.

Whatever we may think of the details of the theology, compare it with the author’s view:

Of course all of this, in its thinking and imagery, is very “pre-Darwin.” The people who developed this iconography did not know the questionable sources of the texts they used, nor did they know that the world was far more than a few thousand years old, and that there never was an Adam and Eve as depicted in those texts and in the icons. Actually, if one thinks about it, the scientific knowledge of evolution quite destroys the whole traditional notion of the Fall of Adam and the need for a redemptive sacrifice. But icons are not from the world of science, they are from the world of imagination and belief, and in pre-scientific times they gave people an explanation for why things were the way things were; not a scientifically accurate or defendable explanation, but those were the times.

Looking at such icons, then, is not so much a “window into Heaven” as the saying goes, as it is a window into pre-scientific thinking and culture. More.

Why is this project not funded by Templeton?

See also: Suzan Mazur: NASA, tax dollars, space aliens, and religion… Of course, it’s yet to be determined that most religious people have much invested in the matter one way or the other, relative to their irreligious neighbours.

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And, how is not the quoted writer in the OP demonstrating the same tired, ignorant, and profoundly religious indoctrination of the modern naturalist? Writer puts enormous faith in the unproven, unempirical claims of Darwinism, gives a passing approval to philosophically-motivated unscientific form and literary criticism, conflates Genesis record with subsequent uneducated and superstitious eisegetic strawman interpretations, ignores copious historically verifiable documentation of biblical truth claims, also ignores the hundreds of famous, ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting Christian scientists and the vital roles they played in the birth of science and scholasticism in general..on and on. How do you not see the classically ironic blind faith (see what I did there?) required to even begin such a holier-than-thou screed? Writer presupposes exclusivist truth claims with no scientific or historical evidence, implicitly claims his own God-like ability with a supernaturally infinite comprehensive knowledge of existence, explicitly praises materialism and evokes the healing power of good ol' Saint Darwin, then, logically, undercuts his own dogma by reducing mind to chemicals and meaningless firing neurons, and, therefore, self-refutes his own capacity to produce any epistemologically meaningful burpings that might guarantee correspondence with reality. That is the essence of blind religious bigotry, not of some self-satisfied, enlightened, post-Darwinian Ubermensch. It's just a re-tread of the rantings of Neitzsche's mad man in Zarathustra... mugwump3
Yeah, does this support ID, or does it detract from ID? Dean_from_Ohio, thinks it is blasphemous. That's ok Dean, so do the Jews, Muslims, Budhists, Hindus, and others; you're in the majority. Doesn't make you right of course, but it does allow you to persecute the blasphemous. O'Leary, what does this nonsense have to do with the science of ID? Please stay on topic. It doesn't matter what Jesus did, or when, we want to know how His creation functions. Posts like this only add fuel to the dtractors of ID, that it is only, 'creationism relabelled'. tsk, tsk! rvb8
J-Mac at 1, that's a testimony to the capacity of the human mind to think up just about anything. Christianity was founded on Easter. At the time, few thought it even believable, let alone normal. And the pagan world most definitely didn't like it at first. News
I (O’Leary for News) happened to be looking up a concept connected with Easter: On Holy Saturday, many hold that Jesus ushered the just people from former ages into Heaven. I came across this page. News, it seems that some "experts" claim that Easter has nothing to do with Christianity... I know this claim has to be false... Some claim that Easter is a pagan ritual... This claim came from the worst opposer I can have... J-Mac

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