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Technically, we don’t believe in the Darwin awards, but …

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in the interests of public safety … this guy tries to instruct the public on train safety:

Too tired to be serious just now. – News

On April 22, 2014, Senator Richard Blumenthal had a close call with NS and almost volunteered for elimination from the gene pool. Glad he wasn't hurt, but he should listen to his own advice about train safety! -Q Querius
Seriously I don't think this video is legit. Can't imagine our senators being that oblivious. This seems like a fake video, made with video editing tools. These days there are many tools available to make this kind of videos on computers. Dionisio
Weren't those politicians supposed to stand behind the yellow band painted on the edge? Were they trying to show a demo to illustrate natural selection and survival of the fittest? In the event of an encounter between the fast moving train and them, obviously the fittest would survive. Glad they changed their minds and didn't run the demo. Dionisio
Almost as good as the teenager trying to take a selfie in front of a moving train and the conductor kicks him in the head. Barb
Too tired to be serious just now. – News
Yes, it's your time to take a break, after writing so many interesting OPs lately, that attracted so many visitors and triggered a number of interesting follow-up discussions. Well done! Thanks. We look forward to reading more OPs from you... after the break ;-) Dionisio
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