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They used to wonder, but now they take medication for that.


Over at Evolution News & Views (2005), riffing off the famous “Why Most Published Research Findings Are False,” David Klinghoffer writes,

It’s not only a rigid predisposition in favor of materialism that skews most evolutionary science but a magnetic predilection in favor of positive explanations, period. Instead of being comfortable saying, “Look, we don’t understand what exactly lies behind or guides the directions that life’s history has taken,” Darwinists feel compelled to say, “We’ve got it all figured out. So everyone else shut up.” That’s naïve and false, and it produces misleading science.

Intelligent design — unlike Darwinian theory, and unlike creationism which is in many ways Darwinism’s twin — is willing to say “We don’t know yet. It looks this way — there’s evidence that points to genuine intelligent agency as the best explanation of the appearance of design in nature. But the enigma of the genome, the mystery of who or what is responsible for devising the machineries of the cell, and much else, these are questions that science is just not ready to answer yet.”

This is something that can be frustrating about ID — we naturally want positive answers, and now not later — but it’s also much truer to the evidence currently on offer.

It’s a conclusion hard to dispute: People want Answers. Today’s Darwinism gives them those Answers. Like, “The humanity switch: How one gene made us brainier.” There! See! One gene! (and One protein?)

They used to wonder, but now they take medication for that. So official explanation just got a whole lot easier.

Evolution became a secular religion in 1859. Enezio E. De Almeida Filho
Evolution is promoted today with almost religious fervor; it's becoming the secular religion of the 21st century. Barb

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