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Video: Dawkins called a coward by fellow atheist for not debating Craig, part II


sexton-b-sm.jpgStory here.

Now put up your feet.

Here’s the three-men-a-side debate that Dawkins says convinced him that Craig was an unworthy opponent. What you think?

Offered alongside the one above at YouTube: Here’s why he says he “won’t debate creationists” and here he compares them to Holocaust deniers.

How do you think a debate between Dawkins and Craig would go?

Here is a debate he did in 1986 and Debates and the Globetrotters by Eugenie Scott bevets
Dawkins is delusional. He has no training in philosophy of religion. He has no relevant academic publications in journals or books, never taught it,... he hasn't even taken a course in it. In every possibly way he's unqualified for such a debate. It was just be an embarrassing slaughter. He knows it too (he saw what happened to his fellow "new atheist" Hitchens). Dawkins is doing the best damage control he can given his circumstances. BlakeG

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