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What the Darwinist understands by beauty


Explained here in a cartoon. (Except it was all intended to be taken seriously.)

= the idea of beauty is merely a ruse for getting sex.

Also in what sounds like an unreadable book, Literary Darwinism :

In Literary Darwinism, Carroll presents a comprehensive survey of this new movement with a collection of his most important previously published work, along with three new essays. The essays and reviews give commentary on all the major contributors to the field, situate the field as a whole in relation to historical trends and contemporary schools, provide Darwinist readings of major literary texts such as Pride and Prejudice and Tess of the d’Urbervilles, and analyze literary Darwinism in relation to the affiliated fields of evolutionary metaphysics, cognitive rhetoric, and ecocriticism. Collecting the essays in a single volume will provide a central point of reference for scholars interested in consulting what the “foremost practicioner” (New York Times) of Darwinian literary criticism has to say about his field.

Better stay with the ‘toon.

Beauty is a attractive force in human relationships. I don't believe there is such a thing as beauty but rather its simply the right answer in a bigger world of wrong answers. I mean the equation or accurate symmetry of things is what we see as superior to inaccurate ones. There is a right way for a horse or dog to look. Its not in the eye of the beholder. Its not a option. Beauty is really just us realizing there is a accurate order in the universe. There is a God or intelligent being making things rightly. The more right something is the more desirable it is. Somethimes in math tuff they say there is beauty. Yet it just means there is the right equation or order. Robert Byers

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