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Why they pretty much have to outlaw creationism

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Because government is such a big part of the economy that, realistically, keeping government money out of the hands of “creationists” would likely require that step.

Further to “Time Magazine claim: Voucher schools teach kids to mistrust science,” pundit John Nolte has this to say at Breitbart about the suddenly surfacing claim that school vouchers are bad because voucher schools might teach creationism:

It is this simple: Democrats and left-wing outlets like Politico have spent the better part of a decade turning the word “Creationism” into a divisive buzzword.

Well, there is a segment of the voting and lobbying public with which that works. He goes on to ask an interesting series of questions about how government can succeed in stopping creationism:

Should Politico and taxpayers be concerned when a welfare recipient gives a portion of their welfare money directly to a church that teaches Creationism?

What about school teachers, who the government hands “taxpayer dollars” to in the form of a paycheck; shall we wring our hands when public school teachers use “taxpayer money” to pay the tuition for their child to attend a school that teaches Creationism?

What about all bureaucrats; firemen, policemen…. Should Politico “Special Report” the fact that millions of civil servants could and might use “taxpayer dollars” in the form of a paycheck to pay for tuition at a school that teaches Creationism?

Maybe it should be illegal for welfare recipients to even put even one “taxpayer dollar” in the Sunday collection plate of any church that teaches Creationism.

Maybe civil servants should be told they cannot put a single “taxpayer dollar” of their paycheck in that same collection plate.

Maybe teaching Creationism should be outlawed.

Maybe believing in Creationism should be outlawed. More.

Given his opposition to the whole thing, not clear why Nolte thinks he should give government ideas, like that. 😉

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Maybe evolution believing should be outlawed!! is there any foundation for what should be outlawed relative to human ideas?? It must of come up in the past!! Robert Byers
News@5 (sounds so journalistic), What disturbs more than legislation that attempts to sculpt society is that people think these laws are somehow "fair." Closer to biology, near where I live there's a mandated buffer of undeveloped land between two cities. A governmental agency mandated that this buffer be returned to "wetlands" and ordered that the topsoil be bulldozed off. When another, higher agency of the government found out, they apparently blew their stack and ordered all the topsoil to be returned. Speaking of wetlands, in the same region, apparently a common practice is to trade one wetlands area for another one that developers can build houses on. The problem is that the "wetlands" traded away as substitute wetlands might be on the top of a hill. This is just wretched! Oh, and Peter_G, reports like this are always frauds. If Noah's ark is indeed ever discovered, it will first be assumed that it's some kind of large dwelling or group of dwellings. It will never be, "We have found Noah's ark," or "We have found King Solomon's crown." Incidentally, ark just means box. It doesn't mean tugboat with two giraffes sticking their necks out. -Q Querius
Querius at 3: When you have to invoke the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, you know the system is well and truly bust. News
May be these Chinese and Turks people have found Noah's ark, they entered and filmed. in the mount Ararat, above 4000 meter in the ice, a large wood structure is found, they have entered some rooms from it, and it look like for food store and animals keep. but the newsvideo only in chinese: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTY4OTQyMzA4.html http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDk4NDcwMTAw.html peter_G
My pastor tells the story when his little daughter asked him about someone who came into her classroom in a public school to teach the class about Islam. On the strength of the establishment clause in the Constitution, he insisted and was granted equal time as a result. It wasn't easy though. Personally, I don't think it's the duty of public schools to teach anything for or against religion, especially considering what a poor job they often do with subjects such as reading and math. -Q Querius
And teaching materialism and it's bastard child evolutionism, is a good thing, how? Keeping religions out of school is OK but not at the expense of giving materialism and it's bastard child evolutionism free reign. How is that not a violation of the so-called establishment clause? Time to write your congress-person Joe
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