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Yes, Darwinists have heard about replication …


In “‘Darwin Fail’ Entries Add Up” (June 8, 2012), Creation-Evolution Headlines offers this fail, amongf a number of others:

Bird stripes: Some evolutionists thought that sexual selection led to color bands in zebra finches. “One of the most replicated experiments in behavioral ecology is the presumed manipulation of male attractiveness in zebra finches by adding red or green color bands,” authors in PLoS ONE said ( Seguin A, Forstmeier W (2012) No Band Color Effects on Male Courtship Rate or Body Mass in the Zebra Finch: Four Experiments and a Meta-Analysis. PLoS ONE 7(6): e37785. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0037785). Well, Seguin and Forstmeier replicated the experiment and couldn’t confirm any evidence for evolution. “Combining this new experimental data with all the published evidence in a meta-analysis shows that color bands seem to affect neither male courtship rate (average effect size d = 0.02) nor male body mass (d = -0.07),” they said. “…The present case is a reminder that replication of experiments lies at the heart of distinguishing between real effects and false positive findings.”

Darwinists have heard about replication, which is why they don’t do it very often.

And it doesn’t matter whether they do or not. The pop science media believe and rave, and the journals swallow anything that comes out of the Darwinator, until a whole bunch of people gag.

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