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BCSE Reaction to David Anderson and Fundamentalists

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I’ve enjoyed following the ID debate in the UK, and especially David Anderson’s BCSE Revealed blog. The BCSE is the British Centre for Science Education, whose role in the UK appears to be analogous to that of the NCSE in the US.

David recently posted the comment below the fold concerning BCSE’s portrayal of him, his blog, and fundamentalists. I particularly enjoyed the sewer rat comment.

The BCSE’s leaders have, in private e-mails to me, in their forums, and on their website, described me or my blog variously as a child abuser, “clown”, “liar”, “fool”, “stupid”, “fundamentalist”, “completely without standards or [conscience]”, “cowardly”, “gutless”, “little weasel”, “god boy”, “extremist”, “lowest of the low”, “worse than the “dirtiest little sewer rat chomping away on a turd”, having “screamed and raged”, “sanctimonious crapola”, “windbag”, “there is a possibility that he will report you to the police if he disagrees with what you say”, “thoroughly immoral”, “deeply offensive”, “wholly inaccurate”, “a pack of lies”, “a sanctimonious blustering windbag”, “comprehensive smear campaign”, “dripping with sanctimonious and condescending self-righteousness”, “consists of unmitigated drivel from start to finish”, “unmitigated rubbish”, “vicious”, “particularly vile and smug”. I am also called a “fundamentalist”, a movement which the BCSE website (on a now hidden page) describes as “a movement of pig-ignorant inarticulate bigots, racists, xenophobes, anti-Semites, misogynists, homophobes, rape apologists, AIDS deniers, government haters, scientific illiterates, gun-lovers, murderous paramilitaries and others predisposed towards extreme violence, half-baked misfits and haters, all obsessed with their own religious and moral superiority.”

David then goes on to comment about what the BCSE hasn’t done to counter his claims:

“…there’s been a whole barrel load of time spent in trying to convince the Internet that I’m one of the biggest toads in existence… but all the real questions I’m asking have just been brushed under the carpet. That’s a slightly curious strategy, isn’t it, if the BCSE have all the facts on their side? If you have the truth and can document it — then why would you do that?

I think this is a good observation in general when one encounters the kind of rhetoric quoted above.

Borne, Apparently they added the password because they no longer wanted the page to be public. It's where the nasty comments about fundies came from. GilDodgen
The 1st BSCE link (to hidden page) requires a password. Is this as it was? Borne
Gil, That link is truly unbelieveable! Anyone who actually knows how to read will never believe that stuff. That's the beauty of the Design movement. When people actually start to research this stuff on their own, the misrepresentation the Darwin crowd keeps printing and spitting is going to *blow up in their faces*. The kicker was that they reference ~Lenny Flank~! That guys is positively nasty. Forthekids
Farshad at Telic Thoughts presents an interesting challenge. Go to Attitudes and Activities of Scientists and Pseudoscientists at the BCSE website and scroll to the very bottom of the page. Apply the criteria to Darwinism and see how it scores. GilDodgen
[...] (HT: GilDodgen at Uncommon Descent) [...] David Anderson, a very dangerous man - Telic Thoughts
I've been called so many nasty names that I'm afraid I'm starting to become immune to it. It's almost as if their nastiness is starting to rub off on me because lately I find that I'm starting to *act like them*. UGH...am I evolving due to my social surrounding? Just today I found myself accusing Ed Humes (Monkey Girl) of "flingin' monkey poo". I've really gotta get a grip. The most memorable name I was called was a "vile hag" by PZ's daughter, Skatje. "Vile hag"....sheesh!! Forthekids
Isn't that the typical strategy ? If you have the facts on your side, go with the facts, if you don't then bang the desk and shout. What do you expect ? The have no facts on their side at all and are guilty as charged, so they bang the desk furiously and object while trying to ignore the real questions. Don't worry smart people see straight through this behavior. Jason Rennie

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