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Darwinism is and always has been the creation story of atheism, so …

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Why is it publicly funded anyway?

I started thinking about this after reviewing the antics of the Texas Freedom Network, especially in connection with Texas school board hearings.

I don’t mean, why are there court decisions demanding that it be so, but why don’t more people see the craziness of teaching it in the school system if you believe in the separation of church and state? – O’Leary for News, not a superhero

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    bornagain77 says:

    When Nothing Created Everything – December 8, 2010 – Joe Carter

    Atheist Song – First hymnal for Atheists – Steve Martin – music

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    bevets says:

    And so, in the matter of education, Christians do not dispute the right of the teacher to be agnostic or atheistic, but Christians do deny the right of agnostics and atheists to use the public school as a forum for the teaching of their doctrines…The Christians who want to teach religion in their schools furnish the money for denominational institutions. If atheists want to teach atheism, why do they not build their own schools and employ their own teachers? ~ William Jennings Bryan

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