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Dutch Cabinet Supports Discussion of ID

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Further indicators that ID is internationalizing: The Dutch cabinet and Prime Minister today backed up the Education minister in her call for a discussion of ID. Below is an article from the Christian Newspaper Reformatorisch Dagblad, which a colleague of a colleague translated. Note the last sentence quoted below: I am aware of a forthcoming multi-contributor edited collection by Dutch scientists focused on turning ID into a full-fledged research program. It’s developments like these which lead me to think that what happens with the school boards and court battles will not be decisive. These ideas have a momentum that no amount of complaining by the Darwinists will stop.

Cabinet supports debate over intelligent design
27-5-2005 15:32

The Hague (ANP) – Education Minister Van der Hoeven has the support of the
cabinet for her plan to start a discussion about evolutionary theory and
ID/creationism. According to Prime Minister Balkenende, the whole cabinet is
of the opinion that it is a good thing to get a discussion going between
religion and science.

Balkenende emphasized on Friday that the minister is not planning to
change the curricula of schools nor the examination requirements. He
recognized that it was the wish of the minister to involve Muslims in the
debate as well. But it is broader than that, said he. It is about the
question if there can be science without ‘religious’ values [he means basic
assumptions / starting questions / prolegomena]. According to the Prime
Minister there are a sufficient number of scientists who have a special
interest in this area.


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