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From The Best Schools: “Straight talk about student debt and jobs”

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Student loans enable universities to vastly increase their operating expenses, without an immediate marketplace penalty. The administration is the true beneficiary, not the student.

When I attended a university in Canada, in 1968–1971, I paid about $8 a week for a room off campus and about $10 a week for food. (In those days, the Canadian dollar was about 75¢ U.S.) I had few other expenses, and worked in the campus library for the lot of them. I even saved money for my wedding.

There was very little administration in those days, and little was needed.

That was not because we had no possible causes of division:


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    Lannyscram says:

    Taking a loan requires second thoughts and careful calculations be it a student loan or any other option from Installment Credit. When borrowing money you need to be sure that repayments will not cause any additional challenges. If it will then it is better not to take a loan.

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