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Grade VII classroom, TX: Is God real — fact, opinion, myth, common (but questionable ) view


Here (make sure to watch the embedded Fox26 video which I doubt I can embed at UD).


Is it reasonable to be putting such a question to 12 year old students in class? (And if you think this was just one teacher, note how it came up the next day in other classes and in multiple classes on the day in question; somebody with responsibility wrote this into a curriculum with intent to create the view that per critical thinking, belief in God is little more than a widely believed, religiously backed [itself a loaded issue] questionable opinion with little warrant.)

Is the view that God is real merely a religious belief with no serious weight of evidence or argument?

What are the implications, given the close link between God and grounding of morality? END

PS: A Straight Thinking 101 short presentation, and a guide to straight vs spin.

PPS: As there is dismissive commentary, I now add a screen shot from 1:47 in the Fox26 news item which confirms the nature of the assignment and that it was expected to be scored, note also the general content of the chained news clips: