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Harris Poll Shows ID Support Rises Fastest With Education


From Table 7 of the Harris Poll

Belief in Evolution doubles from 17% to 35% as education goes from high school to postgrad.

Belief in ID triples from 6% to 17% as education goes from high school to postgrad.


The more educated you are the more ID appeals to you. While we all knew this was the trend in regard to Darwinian Evolution who would have guessed that it’s EVEN MORE TRUE for Intelligent Design.

And amongst postgrads evolution is only winning by 2:1 over ID.

Amazing. I recall Bill Dembski months ago writing ID has the momentum and Evolution has the inertia. How right he was!

"theonomo? God’s Law? Wow!" What can I say? Evidently some people with high IQs believe in God. It is the position that makes the most sense to an intelligent and rational mind. theonomo
theonomo? God's Law? Wow! John Davison
I completed a master's degree a few years ago. The most important thing I took away from the program was a new-found skepticism toward "studies". Perhaps the awe for "experts" diminishes as one gains knowledge, even if the experts are outside one's own field. russ
It is very important to sometimes offend as many people as possible. It is often the only way one can gain their attention. I have been doing it for years. It's great sport. "First make yorself unpopular, then people will take you seriously." Konrad Adenauer I have already made myself exceedingly unpopular yet no one is yet taking me seriously. Thanks for the sound advice Konrad and I promise to keep trying. John Davison
Xaver said: "Being Belgian (my mother was English) I have to ask dougmoran, was that comment meant to be taken seriously?" Yes, I was sincere. Intellectual honesty is a rare thing and seems to be harder to find the further up the intellectual food chain one looks. So I felt inclined to point it out in this case. Hope I didn't offend anyone! dougmoran
IQ may help, but what I observe about beliefs in general is that few people examine them, and this is a character issue, not an intelligence issue. This means that even the people who are right, are right for the wrong reasons, i.e., they are right like a stopped clock. (Most of them.) avocationist
What's shocking is that belief in Creationism has actually increased in the past decade. I think the ID number would be much higher if people actually understood what it is. A lot of people probably misinterpret it to be some kind of vague new age concept not compatible with the Judeo-Christian God. Certainly it explains the sharp increase in support for ID amongst post-grads. jasonng
The purpose of my initial post in this thread was to inspire discussion about the influence of the U.S. academic culture on the way people think, especially about weighty issues like origins. I think that this discussion would be fruitful and interesting. GilDodgen
Yea Josh! Glad to see you have been granted a pardon. :) The following is a repeat of same post on another thread. (I knew some of you would not have wanted to miss it...so insightful and so forth, etc..) …. Belief in evolution doubles from 17% to 35% as education goes from HS to postgrad. Belief in ID triples from 6% to 17% as education goes from HS to postgrad. …. The % increase for Darwinism is understandable: the more education you get in modern American Universities, the more your brains get beat out with Darwinian demogogury. The % increase for ID–since ID is shunned in schools across the board–shows that educated people on their own initiative are searching for information, are finding it, and are finding it convincing. Red Reader
My IQ is well into the 99th percentile and I think Darwinism is bankrupt. (99th %ile on the LSAT, which is administered to only college graduates and which is the least subject-matter oriented of the standardized test -- it's all logic and reasoning stuff. In fact, I am an LSAT instructor :-) theonomo
There will be no headstone as I intend to donate my carcass to a medical anatomy class at a Med chool not too close to Vermont. I want to give some students my last lesson but I sure wouldn't want them to recognize me. You know what the hypochondriac had engraved on his head stone? "I told them I was sick." I know what he meant. John Davison
Professor Davison Hey genius, genius IQ level is 145+. I hate to break it to you, but you're not as dumb as you like to think you are. :-) I think DougMoran was serious too. DaveScot
Intelligence Quotient usually abbreviated IQ. John Davison
I couldnt detect any shyness -what was 145 or 150 ? WormHerder
I too would like to know if dougmoran is for real or not. If he is I may send him a Valentine. I am not accustomed to compliments and do not deal with them when they rarely occur. I am shy don't you know! John Davison
I just don't see the point in these polls. All that they prove is that the majority of the general population, educated or not, simply do not understand what either evolution or ID are about. Asking them some simple science questions would confirm this and negate these results as indicative of how the issue should be decided. Boesman
Being Belgian (my mother was English) I have to ask dougmoran, was that comment meant to be taken seriously? Xavier
Cheers John-certainly showed your IQ in your reply. Sorry you felt it so personally it wasnt meant that way -i thought this forum was about discussing ideas not throwing 'stones'? By the way what a good idea war has turned out to be !? WormHerder
“As for my IQ, I am sure it is not what it once was due to the ravages of age, alcohol and dealing with Darwinian mysticism.” Not only is Dr. Davison an intellectual giant, he is also a giant of intellectual honesty. Truly a rare combination. dougmoran
That should go on your headstone. Bombadill
"As for my IQ, I am sure it is not what it once was due to the ravages of age, alcohol and dealing with Darwinian mysticism." hahahahahahaaaa Bombadill
Thank you Wormherder for the psychonalysis. I hope that is not what you do for a living, worm herding I mean. I am basically a street fighter by nature and preference. I was probably "born that way" or "prescribed" if I may use that term and of course I just did. If my methods prove to be offensive, there is always lifetime bannishment. I know all about that: been there, doen that. At my age and general condition it would make absolutely no difference to me in any event. Feel free to complain to the management. As long as I am allowed I will continue my hideous behavior. Trust me. I'm an old dog and we all know what that means. I always like to let others speak for me when I can. Here is a wonderful example of what I mean: "Of the few innocent pleasures left to men past middle life - the jamming common-sense down the throats of fools is perhaps the keenest." Thomas Henry Huxley As for my IQ, I am sure it is not what it once was due to the ravages of age, alcohol and dealing with Darwinian mysticism. When it was tested back in the late 1940's it was 146, thankfully below the 150 mark indicating genius. I have no idea what it is now but I am confident it is not yet in the room temperature range as apparently is the case with some of my adversaries. "War, God help me, I love it so!" General George S. (predestined) Patton Me too George and probably for the same "prescribed" reasons. How do you like them supersour citrus drops? They pucker you up don't they? Thanks for posting. John Davison
Hi John, I have a hunch that its presuposition not IQ that is at stake. The same data can be seen in different ways according to your standpoint. Anyhow IQ is only good at predicting how good someone is at doing IQ tests. ID cannot go forward if all that happens is entrenchment of ideas caused by insulting people with the opposite view. Insults betray a lack of sophistication which for what its worth could be an indication of a low IQ,by low im talking surface of uranus! ID has nothing to hide,let the arguments speak for themselves. WormHerder out! WormHerder
I would love to see a study comparing the IQs of Darwinians and antiDarwinians. I'm willing to bet that the latter outscore the former by at least ten points. I'm also convinced that some Darwinians would be in the room temperature range, Fahreheit of course. John Davison
I bought blind-watchmaker evolution through graduate school and into middle life, simply because I assumed that it was established science, accepted by all well-educated people, and especially scientists who should know. My acceptance was completely uncritical until I read Michael Denton's book, Evolution, A Theory in Crisis. (I would wager that this guy has set many on the path to apostasy from Darwinism.) I suspect that the 17% to 35% increase is the result of further indoctrination of people who are inclined to believe exclusively in naturalism in the first place, and the influence of the academic culture in general. I suspect that the 6% to 17% increase is the result of people who are inclined to think more critically and analytically being exposed to more knowledge about how things work (information processing, engineering, etc.). The 6% to 17% statistic is especially impressive because these folks must battle their way upstream in an academic culture that is hostile to them. Those who accept Darwinism without questioning it too much are reinforced and encouraged by this culture. GilDodgen

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