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Okay, you are poor, but you want to take Prof Woodward’s Darwin vs. design course? Here’s good news!

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Yes, this course on Darwin vs. design, and why there is a controversy:.

Just a short time ago, a friend of Trinity College has made it possible for a limited number of scholarships to be made available for the online course. Those interested in the course, or the scholarship availability, should email Dr. Tom Woodward, who will explain the details and forward the necessary documents for application for the course-and-scholarship. The start date for the course assignments has been moved back to Tuesday, August 14, and there is provision for late registration as needed. Please respond quickly if interested in being considered for one of the scholarships.

Contact: twoodward@trinitycollege.edu

If you are a recovering Darwin troll, you may merit special consideration. Do NOT provide details about filth uttered online.  Just state why you think you should learn about reasons for thinking that there is a design of life.

Just wanted to say I was one of the lucky students to have participated in this course. Dr Woodward was great, we had a great class and I learnt a lot. We studied the work of Behe, Dembski, Johnson, Meyer, Wells any many others as well as their critics. I am very thankful to have completed this course and would definitely recommend it. Also a big thank you to UD for bringing the course to my attention in the first place :) humbled
DaRook I think no-one took you to task because they didn't want to feed you. Jon Garvey
I thought someone would take me to task over the scripture I put together. It would defiantly rub a hole in someone's theology. When we think we have a pretty good grasp on our theology, all contradictory scripture can be explained away. It's the same with offering this class to evolutionists, no amount of evidence will change their mind or worldview. Even with the case of Antony Flew, his late conversion to theist still did not help him eternally. Without the Spirit, there is no hope of recovery.” DaRook
OK, Gil, I'll bite. Woodward's The Mysterious Epigenome is right here on my shelf, along with several other reading projects I have yet to commence, including Richard Francis' Epigenetics. Guess I'd better get going. Good stuff! Eric Anderson
all, thank you on response. daRook, seem to pont to theology "predestination" (is good word?)? i too difficult to see answer to subject. like to read more, thank you. sergio sergiomendes
With respect, DaRook, what has this got to do with anything? We were talking about a chance to sign up for a useful course - on subsidy - a plum in these times. Doubtful anyone would go to hell either way. News
Sergio, But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. John 10:26 Sheep first, belief second. According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:... Eph 1:4 But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:... II Thess 2:13 What chance for salvation do those have who were not chosen before the foundation of the world? Just thinking out loud. DaRook
It's also important to point out that there is a big difference between "evolution" and "Darwinism." Evolution is simply the history of life and the changes it has been through, insofar as we know about them. There be dragons, but they are interesting dragons. A number of mechanisms have facilitated these changes over time, and natural selection has acted as a filter. Darwinism is the pretense that natural selection can, acting on random mutation, create structures so complex that a roomful of high-powered computers, all designed and programmed, could not match a simple cell. It all happened randomly, you see, because natural selection is just so ruddy powerful ... There are Christians - including a bunch of profs at BioLogos - who actually BELIEVE that, and try to get other Christians to believe it too. The conflict is not between Christianity and evolution but between Darwinism on the one hand and reason, logic, and evidence on the other. Darwinism is popular because it undergirds many progressive ideas such as that humans are not special or unusual, the human mind can be invaded and understood via the methods of science (= it is not irreducibly complex), and any point of view held by profs can and should be forced on the public via the courts - no matter how ridiculous or dangerous. The News desk around here does not believe that a serious Christian can be a Darwinist if he rightly understands what is at issue. Fortunately for the spiritual health of many Christians, they do not understand what is at issue; they are merely well-meaning people striving to be agreeable or keep their jobs or graduate or something. That does not mean that their involvement with Darwinism won't do a lot of harm. It will, just as similar persons' involvement with Darwinism-driven eugenics did a century ago. But people who could not really have understood what is at issue are less culpable than those who know perfectly well and persist nonetheless. To say nothing of those who know perfectly well and deliberately lead others astray. News
Sergio, as a born again Christian I wouldn't necessarily insist that belief in evolution precludes a belief in Christ as Savior, but that is a theological issue. I would characterize Gil's remarks as a judgment on the empirical moorings of an adherence to neo-Darwinian mechanisms. Chance Ratcliff
but in evolution still beleive as true?
Evolution defined as "change over time" is well supported by the evidence, but that evidence doesn't negate the evidence for design. An organism that couldn't change over time would soon be dead anyway I like reading your comments, and am glad your'e here. Upright BiPed
Chance Ratcliff, "salvation by grace through faith is a possibility for even the most wretched." but in evolution still beleive as true? many such Christians I meet and have friends. sergio sergiomendes
sergiomendes, I believe that Gil's remarks amount to a sort of hyperbole. I would hazard to suggest that Gil believes that salvation by grace through faith is a possibility for even the most wretched. Chance Ratcliff
News, would accept in espanol? GilDodgen, "If you still believe in Darwinian orthodoxy, I fear that there is no hope of recovery." I always hope of recovery. sergiomendes
Anyone who has not read Tom Woodward's books should do so. If you still believe in Darwinian orthodoxy, I fear that there is no hope of recovery. GilDodgen

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