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Settlement Puts Lid on Thought


Settlement puts lid on thought

Published on: 12/21/06

Once again, the potent combination of a liberal judge and the deep pockets of the American Civil Liberties Union have proved too much to overcome.

The Cobb County Board of Education showed great courage in its attempt to introduce reason and compromise into the heated evolution debate, but the forces of intolerance have once again emerged victorious in their quest to stifle all dissent of Darwinian orthodoxy. Any hopes that the students of Cobb would ever be given the opportunity to approach the subject critically and with an open mind are effectively dashed with this settlement.

This case was never about questioning evolution. It was about making sure it was taught honestly, fairly, accurately and completely – all of which the current textbooks fail to do. Any informed person knows that evolution occurs; we observe it happening in the world around us. But the idea that this naturally occurring phenomenon can fully explain the origin, complexity and diversity of life on earth is still highly controversial, even among scientists.

Sadly, Cobb students will remain pathetically uninformed that a debate even exists. Worse, they will not be informed that their textbooks contain outdated, inaccurate and in some cases, outright fraudulent information about evolution.

Go to the link above for the rest of the opinion.

DaveScot, this is interesting. I clicked on the link and got the article. I left, then tried to enter again, and it asked me to register. I think their registration code has a bug. The title is excellent and true, however. I fail to see what advantage steifling alternative views has to offer. I recently watched a documentary discussing a community that believes that man never walked on the moon. They took each argument for why the moon launches were a hoax, and showed the error in them. When truth in on your side, using this direct logic approach is rather effective. If the scientific community could respond clearly to our conserns regarding NDE, then I, for one would happily become an evolutionist. bFast
What's this? People are being silenced by the government?!? We've gotta' get help!!! Hey!!!! Help!!!! Somebody heeeeeelp!!!! Anybody, heeeeeeeelp!!!!! Somebody call the American Civil Liberties Uuuuuunion!!!! These people in Georgia are being silenced by the government!!!! Heeeelp!!!!! The government is violating these people's civil liberties!!!!! Haaaaay!!!! Call the ACLUUUUUUU! Haaaaay!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Haaa - [cell phone loudly rings] Hello. Excuse me? - - - What's that you say? - - - No, no, no, that's impossible. You're confused. See, the ACLU upholds people's liberties. - - - Pardon? - - - The ACLU saw to it those people would keep their trap shut for good? Oh. [hangs up cell phone] Neeeevvvveeeerrrr Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!!!!! Inquisitive Brain
cynic Interesting. I didn’t have to register with the website to get the article this morning but now I do. DaveScot
Another evidence in how confident Darwinian totalists are in their religious myth. Mats
Sort of annoying that I had to register to the site to read the opinion, but a good opinion nonetheless. I'm glad people understand that a diminished awareness equals less education. thechristiancynic

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