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Problem with Display

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There’s a problem with how this blog
is displaying on web browsers. I’m
attempting to get it fixed ASAP.

DaveScot: Sometimes there is no way around long paragraphs and sentences. I agree with you that it should be fixed but sometimes things take time. Patience is a virtue:-) sue
Sue - that's what I do sometimes. There are a variety of ways to work around it. One can also just forget about having paragraphs and long sentences. The bottom line remains that it's a bug in the blog's HTML code and bugs should be fixed not worked around. DaveScot
I don't know how much trouble this would be to some but I type longer messages into a word processing program and then cut and paste it into the box. The book covers have always been over the message box. sue
The book covers & tables are back on the far right but are still overwriting the comment edit box making it quite difficult to use the wordwrap feature of the text editor. Without wordwrap editing a comment is a pain because if you have to add or delete words in a line the right margins get out of alignment. DaveScot
Now it works again. Daniel512
Moreover, the background is *white*. If the 'designer' does exist, He is clearly a racist. Either a) a racist designer, or b) the blogosphere has a natural 5 billion year backhistory yet to be discovered. ariel
The "problem" with this blog proves that it did not have a designer. It MUST have come about spontaneously. The_Intellectual_Ape
Perhaps you should leave it alone? This errant section of code could combine with another in an amazing example of an indirect Darwinian pathway which could then form new web site technology! You don't want to stand in the path of evolution's inevitable progress, do you? Gumpngreen
Aside from the new problem of fixed tables not being right justified, there's an already existing problem of those tables overwriting the comment edit box making it difficult to write comments. I didn't want to be a Davwhiner so I just lived with it in silence. Me silent. Hard to believe isn't it? But as long as you're fixing stuff... :-) DaveScot
Please do Bill! Benjii

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