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The British Centre for Science Education unmasked

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Blogger David Anderson, who has a first-class degree in Mathematics from Oxford University, is putting a bit of pressure on the British Centre for Science Education, quite successfully, it seems. He has uncovered good evidence that they have been less than forthright in the course of some recent parliamentary lobbying:


I was not surprised to see Lenny Flank in the list of BCSE members. Flank is a crank who frequently comments on Panda's Thumb. One of his favorite expressions is, "No one cares what you think. (shrug)" There is no doubt that BCSE is a crackpot organization. Some quotes from the homepage of the BCSE website are on my blog at -- http://im-from-missouri.blogspot.com/2006/10/new-crackpot-darwinist-outfit-in-uk.html Larry Fafarman
"So young and already caught lying: http://bcse-revealed.blogspot.com/2006/10/red-handed-bcse-caught-lying-to-mps.html " The problem with that post is that the material that is mentioned is 'Unlocking the mystery of life', which I first saw when someone posted a link to it on this blog several months ago. People at the BCSE were aware of this a long time before any letters were sent. Chris Hyland
I wonder now who the poster was trying to discredit the seminar participants in their presentations to UK MPs on doubting Darwin. A new user name suddenly appeared on this blog seeking information on each participant with silly reference points like "conservative" to Dr. Maciej Giertych as if that matters in scientific credibility issues. Is the "Chris Hyland" mentioned in the BCSE the same that post here? I hope not, because the caustic hate filled rants by at least one name on the list is not someone a particularly intelligent student would want to associate with. Chris, if it is. Your better than this. If so, I hope he quickly disassociates from the BC for "science education". This is an angry group of insecure malcontents projecting their own fears onto the public trying to shut out any dissent which makes for good discussion. The internet has shown in fact we do learn more when all sides are allowed to speak. The BCSE is the equivalent of NCSE without any scientist, but the same "Fear Projection." promoted to the public without a shred of evidence. Real origional thinking these "Brites": National Center for Science Education British Centre for Science Education I'm not sure I can be so creative, but we should really try to keep up... Fill in Blank: " _________________" Center for One World View Indoctrination. I'll start.... USSR Cuban Venezuela Wahabbism Iran Michaels7
If you go to the Yahoo group listed in the link, it shows a website for the BCSE and that page has a gun pointed at you (the viewer, looking at the page) and reads:
(at top, it says "save us from the fundies") [next to the gun pointed at you, it reads:] "Are you: gay, liberal, a single mum, a cohabitee, a believer in evolution, an atheist or agnostic? Because if you are and the fundamentalists take over, then this [the gun pointed at you] is probably the last thing you'll ever see"
Sounds like a kook site, surely not a science group's website. Furthermore- what "fundies" are they speaking of? If they're speaking of Christians, I can't imagine their message being anymore wrong...you wouldn't see a gun. The worst you would see is maybe a free Bible or a placard with the 10 Commandments on it. Unfortunately, I fear Christians are precisely who they're speaking of, as if you click next to the gun, it takes you to their index page which at the top reads: "Creationism - Countering Biblical Irrationalism in our Schools & Society ". So, the Bible is irrational, and they claim to be a science group? Well, I can already see the cow pies. JasonTheGreek
This is hilarious:
How, then, has it managed to rack up 83 members? The answer is simple. The BCSE's definition of a member is, "anyone who says anything - even one word - in our discussion forum". http://bcse-revealed.blogspot.com/2006/10/who-are-members-part-2_19.html [Emphasys Mine]
So basically, this means that there might be creationist members in the BCSE. This might come as a great shock to Roger Stanyard. Mats
So young and already caught lying: http://bcse-revealed.blogspot.com/2006/10/red-handed-bcse-caught-lying-to-mps.html Mats
Probably not the best way to kick off contributing to this community, but there's a typo in the link to the blog! I won't post the correction as it's likely to get content-trapped. On a more on-topic note, I've enjoyed Mr. Anderson's research into the BCSE. It is quite sad that the opponents of ID are so lacking in discernment that they'll grab at any opportunity to rail against it. Mr. Anderson's work is timely as I've already seen the BCSE used as a stick to beat British Creationists, particularly the perceived link with Dominionism. J tenstrings
The correct URL is: http://bcse-revealed.blogspot.com/ sagebrush gardener

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