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    kairosfocus says:

    Dragon launches

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    daveS says:

    I was hoping to see the booster land—that’s the most impressive part to me. Still nice to have astronauts going up in “our” rockets.

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    kairosfocus says:

    I am hoping for a safe mission and return.

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    BobRyan says:

    There have been two great betrayals of NASA, if you do not count the bureaucrats that are trying to slow walk landing on the moon. Nixon killed the Apollo program in favor of shuttles and Obama killed the shuttle program so we could pay the Russian government $80,000,000 per astronaut per launch. It has been almost ten years since we launched American astronauts in American rockets. This current rocket costs $50,000,000 per astronaut, which saves us $30,000,000.

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    jawa says:

    SpaceX also successfully landed its first stage booster from the Falcon 9 used today – which means it will recover the first private spacecraft booster that has ever delivered human astronauts to space.

    NASA created the Commercial Crew space program to spur the development of private launch vehicles that would also be able to serve commercial customers in addition to the agency, in order to defray the cost of launch overall. Both SpaceX and Boeing ended up placing winning bids on the Commercial Crew contracts, and have subsequently developed human launch systems, though SpaceX is the first to actually fly people on their vehicle after Boeing encountered some unexpected issues in their last uncrewed demonstration flight.


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    kairosfocus says:

    There is a reason why there are sayings about rocket science.

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    EugeneS says:


    You have mail.


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    Seversky says:

    It’s a spectacular achievement and I also marvel at the ability to return the first stage to a pinpoint landing on the recovery ship at sea.

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    jawa says:

    The amazing technology displayed in the SpaceX launch pales when compared to the true wonder beyond imagination that is observed within the biological systems.

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