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Epigenetics: How parents live matters?

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Here, we are told that

Nature and Nurture Work Together to Shape the Brain (Society for Neuroscience, November 13, 2011)

New animal research finds life experiences influence brain development, behavior

Washington — Scientists presented new research today demonstrating the impact life experiences can have on genes and behavior. The studies examine how such environmental information can be transmitted from one generation to the next — a phenomenon known as epigenetics. This new knowledge could ultimately improve understanding of brain plasticity, the cognitive benefits of motherhood, and how a parent‘s exposure to drugs, alcohol, and stress can alter brain development and behavior in their offspring. (Society for Neuroscience, 11/13/2011)

Some of us are hopeful that epigenetics will get past the useless bad genes vs. “bad environment” conflict, to find out what is really happening when people have predictable bad health problems.

Naughty naughty. These studies are not friends to creationism at least yEC. tHey are trying to say BRAIN ability is affected by genes. iN short people are born smarter then others. They don't give up. fine about health of severe damage from drugs etc while in moms body. Yet intelligence is unrelated to the brain. We are made in the image of GOd and think like him . We are not affected by the natural world save in memory issues. Babies are as smart as us but simply have terrible memory's. The bible clearly says intelligence is from studying outside us the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding around us. I welcome biological genetic change from outside the body but not with human intelligence or morality of anything. WE are above nature/ Robert Byers
"Built-in responses to environmental cues" ala Dr Spetner as part of his "non-random evolutionary hypothesis" Joseph
I'm just curious here. What is the ID take on the subject of Epigenetics ??? No one really gets overly involved with this subject, especially when such parental error prone inheritance is alluded to in the Bible! Eocene

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