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FYI-FTR: Exposing the PC juggernaut’s mass manipulation (“brainwashing”) game

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tapered divideAs discussion continues on the march of folly watershed and slippery slopes of wedging apart, polarisation and ruin, it is time to expose mass manipulation tactics. Aka, “brainwashing.”

Here, I clip comment 771:


>>>Can “mind control” techniques really rob us of ability to think, decide and act for ourselves? Are we really responsible, free, rational creatures? (Or, are we more like computers that just need to be purged of old programming and loaded with new software?)

After the Korean War (1950 – 53), there were major studies on brainwashing of prisoners of war, but in the end it became clear that the techniques in use were similar to much more familiar processes of persuasion and change. Though, perhaps, at a more intense and consciously manipulative level. Edgar Schein, for instance, put a seemingly simple change model on the table (based on Kurt Lewin’s earlier work):


UNFREEZING (destabilisation) –>

CHANGING (to conform to “the new [PC] way”) –>

REFREEZING (to “bake in” the PC change)

. . . just like an ice-cube. The idea here is that as individuals:

* we are normally “frozen” in our current social circumstances,

* but if we are failing and helplessly floundering, or if we are physically or emotionally isolated from our familiar surroundings, we will become “unfrozen” and

* we will feel strong internal or social pressure to change.

* This can lead us to follow seemingly more successful examples, or we may discover “new approaches”; which can be “conveniently” put within easy reach.

(That’s one of the big problems with the Internet and social media. Or for that matter, aggressive cults or the more manipulative forms of schooling.)

* Then, gradually we consolidate into a new “shape” – refreezing.

This “ice cube” change pattern can be triggered by something as mild as moving to a new school or something as major as a military boot camp or a manipulative cult or a street gang.

spiral-of-silence(One of the main driving forces at work here is cognitive dissonance: if we find ourselves acting out of line with our present beliefs, we will often feel internal discomfort and pressure to change our beliefs to line up with how we have now begun to behave. [–> which is precisely why so many agenda items being pushed by the cultural marxist juggernaut push people in social situations to act in accord with the PC agenda or risk being targetted as a “bigot” etc through point and shriek tactics . . . ] Similarly, if the new situation is polarised but dominated by a particular point of view, a spiral of silence can easily set in. That is, people may feel pressured to keep doubts to themselves and to speak and act as though they are fully in line with the dominant agenda. Another factor, is that people seek approval of a new circle they identify with, so they can be very vulnerable to peer pressure. As child safeguarding experts warn, we can also be “groomed” to take part in abuse or evil by being de-sensitised to wrong-doing, deceived and seduced. For instance, child abusers often use porn to get children to lower their guard of modesty. [–> and when, under false colour of law strange men are allowed to intrude at will into girls’ bathrooms in schools, that is exactly what is going on on a mass basis])

None of these forces and patterns can actually rob a reasonably mature person of his or her ability to think, decide and act; but, we may find it much easier – or “safer” for the moment – to ignore warning signs and just go with the flow. Especially, if we do not recognise warning signs or do not see a way to escape.>>>

Some light bulbs should be going off above heads in thought balloons just now as we begin to see the mass manipulation march of folly juggernaut for what it is.

The juggernaut rolls on and on.

But we can wake up, wise up and act up in defense of genuine liberty.

Before it is too late.

There being an in progress discussion, this is a headlined comment FTR, discussion will be entertained in the thread. END