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Assisted evolution? Now that’s a new one…

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As the climate changes and oceanic heat waves become commonplace, corals bleach and reefs die off. Now, marine biologists from across the world are teaming up to counteract this catastrophe with a technique called assisted evolution. Follow scientists as they attempt to crossbreed heat-resistant corals—and even transplant corals’ algae—in a race to save reefs from extinction.

NOVA, “Reef Rescue” at PBS


Didn’t we just used to call this process crossbreeding? How did it get upgraded to “assisted evolution?” If it’s crossbreeding, it isn’t unintelligent, which evolution is supposed to be.

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    polistra says:

    Reefs are in trouble in some places because of pollution, not “warming”. It’s a human-caused problem, but it’s the wrong type of human-caused problem. Some of the trillions we’re wasting on Gaian liturgy could have been used to clean up the sewage outflow. We NEVER solve a problem. We always create new problems. Solving a problem might decrease our agency’s budget and power, which is UNTHINKABLE.

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