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At public evolution meeting in Scotland, crowd told: “gene” is not an accurate term


Well, that’s certainly not what Grandma learned about genes and evolution at school. Would it be legal to teach that in the United States?

From Suzan Mazur at HuffPost:

Although there could have been a bit more science presented at the recent D’Arcy Thompson On Growth and Form centenary celebration in Scotland at Dundee and St Andrews universities—-part of a year-long commemoration—-the art and music talks seemed clearly to charm the crowd. It was a small gathering, roughly 100 people, that expanded to 200 for keynote speakers—Evelyn Fox Keller of MIT and Steven Wolfram, CEO of Wolfram Research.

She is referring to the public portion of a meeting from whch she was banned, as a journalist, from the science discussion portion. In any event,

Evelyn Fox Keller’s Fauvel Lecture at St Andrews sponsored by the British Society for the History of Mathematics was one of two conference high points. Keller informed the audience about the history of the “gene” and said that it is not an accurate term to describe what we now know to be systems.

Steven Wolfram packed in a crowd at Dundee for his lecture: “D’Arcy Thompson and the Growth of Computational Form” in which he discussed pigmentation patterns in mollusks saying this was not adaptationist, not natural selection, but “pure dynamics of growth process.” He added that all kinds of nice things can now be done to understand the dynamics since things have become computational. More.

“not natural selection”? That used to be heresy. Well, the kettle continues to boil.

Royal Society See also: This evolution meeting must be significant: Suzan Mazur has been disinvited… again! Mazur is an American journalist who has been covering the antics of the Darwinian establishment for most of a decade.


From Biology Direct: Darwinism, now thoroughly detached from its historical roots as a falsifiable theory, “must be abandoned”

I can bet $1 that this has something to do with Darwinists scheming to keep the long-dead theory of evolution alive on a ventilator... J-Mac

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