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Brains are “programmed”?

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With respect to the folding of brain matter:

These genetic differences are also correlated with changes in grey matter neurons, with the study finding variations in the number of arms – or dendrites – that neurons grow in these regions during the folding process.

“We believe the regions that fold outward and inward are programmed to behave differently, and the shape of the neurons affects the way these areas fold,” Quezada Rojas says. “

Understanding how brains fold and misfold” at Cosmos

The paper will be available here.

It’s almost like there are laws of what will work in biology; it’s not all just random after all.

Querius @3 Not going to happen any day soon, primarily because Darwinism supplies the strong need to have a "scientific" religion for atheists. doubter
When I think of some of the wild assertions in Darwinistic explanations, I think of the facts as shards of colored glass that are not assembled to create the true picture, but are assembled like a mosaic to create the picture acceptable by the entrenched establishment. The gaps between the shards are filled with the grout of rhetoric, appeals to authority, censorship, and personal attacks. That a fundamentally racist nineteenth century speculation from the age of wooden ships and colonialism has been allowed to survive is not science but simply stubbornness. We need to let that ship finally sink and pry the cold, dead hands of Darwin from the throat of scientific inquiry and progress. -Q Querius
In a pre-clinical study using animal models, a team led by Australia’s RMIT University identified the genes linked with the development of the two types of brain folds – inward and outward – in the brain’s grey matter. Writing in the journal Cerebral Cortex, they report finding differences in both genetic expression and neuron shape during the folding process. “The next step is to determine the precise role these genes play in the process, so we can work towards identifying potential therapeutic targets and develop interventions to prevent and fix misfolding in the brain,” says RMIT’s co-chief investigator Mary Tolcos.
The "programming" referred to in this article is just another of a multitude of developmental paths known to be influenced or directed in part by various genes during development. Nothing new here, no mystery or surprise that there are genes (a small fraction of the total number) that are involved in this aspect of development. Notice that this influence doesn't extend to actually specifying and controlling the exact three dimensional shape and dimensions of the folds, or (especially) the architecture of the neuronal structures at the cellular micro level. The real mystery is the total failure of the gene-centric Darwinist paradigm to account for the total complex specified information required during development of the embryo to build an organism like a human being, the mystery of where this huge amount of complex specified information is really stored, and how it is decoded by the embryo during development. It is thousands or even millions of times the total amount of information that can even in principle be encoded by the DNA of the genome. This is a well-kept secret, taboo for Darwinists to mention, primarily because it reveals just how bankruopt the Darwinist paradigm has become. doubter
“We believe the regions that fold outward and inward are programmed...” “believe” - is that a scientific term? :) “regions [...] are programmed”? Huh? How do you do that? We can program devices that are made to be programmed. are regions made to be programmed? jawa

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