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Can’t we all just be friends?


E.O. Wilson thinks that after years of reaming religious believers he can now ingratiate himself with them. Fine. Let him and his colleagues give up their monopoly on the teaching and government funding of materialistic evolutionary theories.

Can E. O. Wilson really save the world?
Ivan Semeniuk
New Scientist, 30 September 2006


Often cited as Darwin’s true heir, E. O. Wilson has an audacious planet-saving strategy: to unite evangelical Christians and scientific secularists

Often cited as Darwin’s true heir, E. O. Wilson has an audacious strategy for saving the planet: encourage evangelical Christians and scientific secularists to unite in caring for the ecosystems and biodiversity that he calls the Creation in his latest book. Ivan Semeniuk asked him if he has a prayer of succeeding when religious fundamentalism extends to the White House

After siding so strongly with science, you are now trying to reach across the science-religion divide. Why?

I offer the hand of friendship and I am presumptuous enough to do so on behalf of scientists – secular scientists. I feel that the time has come to put aside the culture wars, declare a truce and see if we can’t meet on common ground where both sides can engage enthusiastically for our separate reasons.

What does the religious community offer?

First and foremost, numbers. Take, for example, the 30 million members …

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"Ivan Semeniuk asked him if he has a prayer of succeeding when religious fundamentalism extends to the White House" Meditate on global forces, I do... Pompous stereotyping in reporters question. He might start by checking with Noah Alliance first as one example of Evangelicals, Protestants, Catholics and Jews in science and ethics for the coordinated efforts to protect the environment. Terrible fundies support babies right to live, they do. Scientist pray, now they must, to intervene with such radicals. But leave a footprint, dare not in the wilderness, or a branch of a tree, brush not against it with polyester backpacks made in China. Where record amounts of Acid Rain - falls, it does, on forest and people. As cities in the haze of pollution, drift unseen, they do, goes unreported by New Scientist. Yoda thought... Wonder, I do, how true environmentalist can burn a plant for pure pleasure of inhalation and not be racked with guilt? Back to conspiracy theory 101... Because it is America's fault ya know and the people know it is all a planned conspiracy so that only Christian Fundies will own the trees! Aaaaaeeeee! Christmas tree prices, soar they will! Evangelicals and science get along quite well. Sloppy journalism without fact checking leads one to believe in redneck Gospel thumpers, which is exactly what a reporter like this wants his readers to believe. Protecting wildlife and endangered species... http://www.noahalliance.org/resources/evangelical.htm I'd suggest both open the door to their mind and take the blinders off before extending their hand in some patronizing gesture to the "poorly uneducated" Christian. Dufus blunderer, as if Christians do not read their publications. But we've turned the other cheek since that fundie himself Jesus walked in the wilderness for 40 days. I walk in the great outdoors, hike, and have contributed to the environmental cause since my twenties for future generations. Pffft! I've been saving bugs and birds and plants since I was a bump on my Grandaddies knee! Flies catch in my hand, I do. Release outdoors, feel the force I do with all living things - in the great ghaia. ;-) But seriously, only atheist and scientist care more about truthiness of environmental causes because materialism provides more honest insight than Yoda or Christian fundies who only want to rape the world until Jeeezzzus comes! Noah Alliance and others made such gestures in the past to reach across the ailse - Mr. Johnny come lately - you'll find the door open. Sure, shake your hand I do, but you'll get an ear full back at you with such silly political potshots. Not a very good way to start hoisting the flag of truce and honor, the force of darkness grows smaller, but feel it still, I do, the mockery of Christians all the way to the White House. Yet, from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln, the force of Good News is everlasting, I feel, I do, beside still waters and in green pastures. Michaels7
Uh...a Scifanboy? Patrick
Is there a word for someone that identifies themselves with whatever psuedoscience of the moment happens to be fashionable? Jehu
Scientific secularists? What about the non-secularist scientists? Mats
I have no problem working with anyone who shares a genuine commitment to healing our sick world. antg
Freedom: The essential requirement is to uphold the unalienable rights of freedom of speech and to practice religion as preserved in the Constitution’s First Amendment. Reject Facism: The complement is to reject facist coercion of only allowing atelic theories (evolution), job discrimination, and destruction of academic freedom. Level Playing Field:Free scientific inquiry requires a level playing field and upholding full academic freedom to develop telic origin theories (ID) alongside atelic theories (Darwinism), and to test both against empirical evidence. David L. Hagen
You used to work for the CIA- they wouldn't have you in the Ma-fai-ayyy. mike1962

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