2 Replies to “Casey Luskin to debate Nick Matzke on Ron Insana Show this Saturday

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    jboze3131 says:

    if theres one thing i know about matzke its that the guy couldnt be honest to save his life. unfortunately, thats the truthn (and hes the spokesperson for a group thats supposed to be all about science in education!)…ive watched a number of tv interviews hosted on DI’s site, and this guy is as dishonest as they come. i sat there watching him tell lie after lie, and it just disgusted me to the max.

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    Benjii says:

    He keeps conflating ID with Creationism. However, creationists from all stripes have come forward and said that ID is not creationism. They don’t approve of it because they don’t mention GOD. Nick Matzke is one reason why I lost faith in Darwinism.

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