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Colorful moth wings dated back to nearly 200 million years ago

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From Laurel Hamers at Science News:

Tiny light-scattering structures that give today’s butterflies and moths their brilliant hues date back to the days of the dinosaurs.

Fossilized mothlike insects from the Jurassic Period bear textured scales on their forewings that could display iridescent colors, researchers report April 11 in Science Advances. The fossils are the earliest known examples of insects displaying structural color — that is, color produced by light bending around microscopic structures, rather than light being absorbed and reflected as with a pigment or a dye. Structural color is common in bird feathers and butterfly wings today, but finding such features in the fossil record can be tricky.More.

Anyone want to bet against finding color displays meant to communicate information in the Cambrian era, once we have got the tools?

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And God said "Let there be diffraction". And there was diffraction. And it was good. Could we do a better job of defending the validity of a Genesis story if the texts had been written and edited by more imaginative people? We're stuck with a text written by high priests, bureaucrat types, who were experts in enumerating begats but not good at singing about butterflies. Other Genesis stories (eg some of the original American and Northern tribes) were written by poets. polistra

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