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Convergent evolution: Smartest invertebrates evolved brains four times?

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In “Brainy molluscs evolved nervous systems four times” (New Scientist, September 16, 2011), Ferris Jabr tells us,

The mollusc family includes the most intelligent invertebrates on the planet: octopuses, squid and cuttlefish. Now, the latest and most sophisticated genetic analysis of their evolutionary history overturns our previous understanding of how they got so brainy.

The new findings expand a growing body of evidence that in very different groups of animals – molluscs and mammals, for instance – central nervous systems evolved not once, but several times, in parallel.

This is more consistent with either design or law than with Darwinian selection without plan or purpose.

Now, all this is based on certain methods of configuring how evolution happened. The methods could be right or wrong. But if they hold up,

The four groups that independently evolved centralised nervous systems include the octopus, a freshwater snail genus called Helisoma, Tritonia – a genus of strikingly coloured sea slugs – and Dolabrifera, another genus of sea slugs, albeit less aesthetically interesting.

Which all just happened, right?

Smart octopus tales:

See also: Here’s the best online port of call for convergent evolution.

Are you kidding? Scientists do not have faith, faith is believing without rational evidence. YOU have faith. Explain me what is nonsense here. Convergent evolution is in absolutely NO WAY in contradiction with the theory of evolution, it is even predicted by this theory. Convergent evolution shows that several different solutions can be found to solve one problem, this is the proof there is no plan a priori for evolution thus no intelligent design. You have random mutations, several of which can be beneficial at different levels and in different ways, thus engaging each species in a new evolutive path. wolfgangouille
Evolutionists are forced by their worldview to believe utterly nonsensical things. And the wild thing is, they do it without ever blinking an eye! Nothing shakes their faith. tjguy
I have for a long time suspected convergent evolution conclusions are the soft underbelly of the error of evolution. They must invoke CE because its impossible by their own theories for unrelated details or creatures to have a common origin on like details etc. Not only does it stretch even more the probability math stuff about this turning into that. it makes it so unlikely by common sense even when thats already been moved for some acceptance of evolution potential.! It would be surprising to all if was known how much convergent evolution is invoked to explain things. the list would hint to all something is wrong. Finally this YEC insists that a corner of convergent evolutionary ideas about marsupials is dead wrong. its clear and settled that marsupials are just placentals with tiny differences due to migration to certain areas. Just google the marsupial wolf and carefully observe the moving or still pictures of. How it stands, walks, sits, lays, and chews stuff. This is just a doggy with (the female) a pouch. There likewise are marsupial cats. mice, bears, and tapirs and many more. Eureka. UD should do more commentary on the likeness of marsupials to placentals. Everyone must answer why this is so. yEC must answer why such segregation from common origins off the Ark. No problem say I. Robert Byers

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