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Darwin’s man Jerry Coyne says humans are not in control of evolution

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U Chicago Darwin prof:

Must be true:

Yet while there’s no doubt that we’re changing the planet, the claim that we’re completely changing evolution on the planet does not follow. Let’s take those fish that are evolving to reproduce smaller and younger. This phenomenon has been documented in many species that we eat, but this is just a minuscule fraction of the 30,000 known species of fish.

WHAT? Which third rate Darwin high school teacher knew this fact?

When the authors examine our own species, the evidence is even less convincing. Recent increases in diagnoses of autism, allergies and obesity are certainly real, but they have no obvious connection with how we’re evolving. …

No, but Darwinism is a cultural mood, not a form of science.

Get used to the politics that follows okay? We’ll be seeing a lot of it.

These publications wouldn't be dying if they gave equal time to creationist writers. why is Coyne allowed in when its a bigger anti-god agenda? anyways. He dismisses random mutations as affecting biology. I know evolutionist thinkers who say they matter in evolution and so today. he focuses on the brain evolving stuff. Well the brain is not evolving and so not either intelligence but historic and modern evolutionism is bacjking up these claims. Can't wave it away. By the way he says people did evolve this lactose milk thing. i say people didn't. If so how? Did people keel over until the right ones bred the most? in fact its evidence for innate adaption. not evolution. also highland peoples. The brain is not a organ. Drugs indeed will not change our kids brains. Robert Byers
Soon we will have the know-how to design Koi Fish that can climb out of the backyard pond and bark at intruders. Nature is a sucker for design. ppolish
By definition, mankind cannot control or be outside the scope of evolution. No matter what size wrapped you try to put on evolution, it will always swallow up human beings along with it. OldArmy94
Evolution is a sucker for Design. Either by Natural means or Unnatural means. Designer dogs, designer genes, and adaptions to global waing are all examples of Natural Design BTW. "Unnaturalness" is a problem for both Physics and Evo Theory. ppolish

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