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David Berlinski chats with Ben Shapiro

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Yes, Berlinski’s the agnostic philosopher who never bought into elite Darwin cult that has given so many people with degrees a chance to pretend to be smart:

David Berlinski — senior fellow at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture and best-selling author of numerous books including “The Devil’s Delusion,” “The Deniable Darwin,” and his latest offering, “Human Nature” — joins Ben to discuss evolution, religion, science, gender, philosophy, and much more.

Did we mention? Darwinism’s over. People who make their living off it better think of some other way to seem smart.

Note: Berlinski’s current book is Human Nature.

Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

3 Replies to “David Berlinski chats with Ben Shapiro

  1. 1
    ET says:

    People will continue to make money off of Darwinism for the mere fact that there are millions of Darwinists stupid enough to buy their trope.

  2. 2
    Belfast says:

    Over? Really? Try going on to Quora.
    Just today I was sent per email a takedown of Douglas Axe. Much chortling about creationists etc.
    As for Wikipedia….
    Too much investment in him, write an article, in passing genuflect to St Charles, and you get tenure.

  3. 3
    ScuzzaMan says:

    Late in this video Berlinski alludes briefly to a glaring but seldom-noted obstacle to modern celebrity atheism and its insistence on neo-darwinism; their knee-jerk resentment of religion (in my view a function of their recognition that religiously committed people will never be intellectually browbeaten into submitting to the celebrities’ opinions) and the corresponding desire to eliminate it from the species.
    Apart from the appalling arrogance of the notion, and the horrifically murderous global pogroms that would be necessary to even attempt such a thing, quite distinct from the moral hazards of the proposition, the illogic of it is extreme and irreconcilable with their own theory.
    The theory of neo-darwinism holds that religion could only have become as ubiquitous as it is, and has been in all of known history, if it has survival value.
    Yet these same self-proclaimed saints of pure logic want to eradicate religion.
    Here the self-negating nature of materialism is exposed; these people are content to gamble the survival of the human race if it will not submit to their desires.
    In the book of Isaiah the prophet speaks of a people having a covenant with death.
    A science is measured by its predictive value, no?

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