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Denton is in Darwin’s nightmares


Michael Denton 2 From David Klinghoffer at Evolution News and Views:

Stump your Darwinist friends by asking them to explain, in evolutionarily adaptive terms, biological features like the precise pattern of the maple leaf or of an angiosperm flower. “That’s a fantastically serious challenge to Darwinism,” says Discovery Institute biologist Michael Denton in this brief but delightful video conversation — a “nightmarish scenario.” Why? Because Darwinism by definition must justify such features, including the taxa-defining novelties, as having been seized upon by natural selection because they were adaptive. I mean, that pattern specifically and not some other.

It’s the specificity that’s the problem. More.

Worse, Denton is too old to be denied a degree or fired.

Note: Some friends will find the challenge easy because, with Darwinism, one is allowed to just make stuff up (the just-so story).

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I don't have any Darwinist friends. Pretty much my own fault though. I can't stand stupid people. Mung
The beauty of nature killed the ugly Darwinist beast. Mapou
Denton is too old to be denied a degree or fired.
However, he could be smeared as a "creationist" and thereby lose all credibility in the eyes of all those open-minded, tolerant scientists in academia. awstar

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