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Dinosaur fossil with preserved skin


From Fritz Burnett at National Geographic:

I’ll never forget this nodosaur fossil discovery for a few reasons. To start, it’s one of the best preserved armored dinosaur fossils ever found. I have to admit that seeing bones alone has never fully satisfied my curiosity about the creatures that walked the earth millions of years ago. However, seeing a fossilized foot, scales, and even a bit of skin is amazing. It gives a more complex picture of how this type of dinosaur once looked and lived. More.


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"Incredibly, it fossilized in 3?D, preserving the intricate details of its armor and soft tissue. The fossil is nearly intact from the animal’s snout to its hips; researchers suspect it initially fossilised whole" And of course the most we all know that this HAS to be 65+ million years old, right? I mean, that's the most logical conclusion, right? It's amazing what irrational things rational scientists sometimes believe even when their belief has no rational or scientific basis. Evolutionists believe in macro evolution. The fine details might be unknown. There might still be things they do not know, but they KNOW it happened through evolutionary processes. Never mind that they cannot pinpoint what those processes are. Same thing here. They know it is 65+ million years old and they believe it was incredibly preserved. They just don't know what processes allowed this to happen. (I doubt Schweitzer's hypothesis really applies to this fossil very well.) tjguy

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