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DNA’s use in computer chip design


Interesting that DNA can exhibit such fine-grained usefulness in engineering design when, by Darwin’s lights, it is cobbled together by a sloppy unguided evolutionary process. It would seem that when the instruments we use are more refined than the things we are designing, the instruments themselves are likely to be the product of design.

Building circuit boards using DNA scaffolding
By Darren Quick

dna circuit-board design

There have been a few breakthroughs in recent years that hold the promise of sustaining Moore’s Law for some time to come. These include attaching molecules to silicon and replacing copper interconnects with graphene. Now IBM are proposing a new way to pack more power and speed into computer chips by using DNA molecules as scaffolding for transistors fabricated with carbon nanotubes and silicon wires.

The new approach developed by scientists at IBM and the California Institute of Technology uses DNA molecules as scaffolding or miniature circuit boards for the precise assembly of components such as millions of carbon nanotubes, nanowires and nanoparticles, that could be deposited and self-assembled into precise patterns by sticking to the DNA molecules.

MORE: www.gizmag.com/dna-scaffolding/12568

Quoting from Signature In The Cell pg.134 "The interdependence of proteins and nucleic acids raises many obvious "chicken-egg" dilemmas- dilemmas that origin-of-life theorists before the 1960s neither anticipated nor addressed. The cell needs proteins to process and express the information in DNA in order to build proteins. But the construction of DNA molecules (during the process of DNA replication) also requires proteins. So which comes first, the chicken (nucleic acids) or the egg (proteins)? If proteins must have arisen first, then how did they do so, since all extant cells construct proteins from the assembly instructions in DNA. How did either arise without the other? Frost122585
And I have been reading Steve Meyer's new book Signature In The Cell where he makes the case for the design inference from DNA. BTW I highly recommend Steve book to everyone here at the site- it is phenomenal and definitely worth purchasing. One point that he beings up that i find intriguing is the fact that within the origin of the first life there is a chicken and egg problem. The proteins that make up the DNA only come from DNA and DNA is made up of the proteins that it helps assemble. SO there is a fundamental question of how the digital code can even get started in the first place. I think the information required to get the first life going is exactly like the information required to build your computer chips and software. DNA enigma indeed. I cant wait though for Bill's new books - The End of Christainity and The Nature of Nature. Frost122585
Interesting indeed. I have oft wondered why it should be that if evolution were true, it would generate anything at all, let alone the marvelous and complex beings such as ourselves with the ability to wonder why. And the desire to seek out the answers. The answers given by Darwinists seem to be the only thing truly random in their hypothesis. Ever changing and never coming to the science of the truth. So to speak. IRQ Conflict

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