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Does it matter if Tom Wolfe isn’t a Darwin fan?


Kingdom of Speech.jpg  Readers will remember that Tom Wolfe’s book, the Kingdom of Speech, is coming out amid summer fanfare.

From David Klinghoffer at Evolution News and Views:

Great minds, as you know. As I’ve said before, it’s the Thomas Nagel/Stephen King/Tom Stoppard Principle: When you reach a certain rare level of achievement and acclaim, you earn the right to speak your mind plainly in defiance of the bullies and censors. We look forward to reading Wolfe. More.

In the past, it has been agreed that there are only 20 chairs. 19 chairs must be occupied by Darwin followers. The 20th chair is permitted to someone they can ricochet off.

Suppose we added more chairs? Does it matter if some of the current chairs are occupied by skeletons? Yes, it’s unsettling but under the circumstances, we still do need more chairs.

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everybody can speak thier mind before bullies and censors. no acheivment level is needed. Who judges that? are authors in it? storytelling is not a great intellectual accomplishment surely. what is actually? The thing about Wolfe is he reaches audiences. We shouldn't count heads for who is on our side relative to fame etc. We must not drift into the smarter people think thus and so it has more credibility universe. this has ruined civilizations. Robert Byers

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