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Evolution muddled human breastfeeding?


From Dean Burnett at the Guardian:

There are competing theories about this, but the point is that most other species’ young can do a lot more of the work when it comes to feeding. Human babies can latch, but not much else, so the mother has to essentially do everything. Sometimes that’s totally fine. Other times it’s like trying to insert a water balloon into a wine bottle. A soft, constantly moving, unfathomably precious wine bottle that eventually grows teeth. And the water balloon is incredibly sensitive. And you have to do this a dozen times a day. Even when you’re meant to be sleeping.

It may be natural, but breastfeeding isn’t as easy a process for humans as it is for other species. That’s seemingly the price of our intellectual advancement. But, as is usually the case, this price is largely being paid by vulnerable women. More.

This sounds like it was written by a Euro-urbanite. For what it is worth, once breast milk starts to come in, the female mammal of whatever species must feed or suffer. Human babies are more helpless physically than puppies or kittens but human babies have mothers who have hands. On the plus side, human babies are also born with their eyes open, so they can start making eye contact soon.

If evolution muddled human breastfeeding, why are there so many tax-funded population control crackpots still running around the planet?

Could we pass a law that only childless billionaires can contribute to their causes? Not the rest of us non-supporters?

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