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German blog on origins questions


“Evolution und Schöpfung” (go here) is the first German blog focused on origins-questions with multiple authors. It criticizes materialistic evolution and is sympathetic to ID. The blog was started by Cristoph Heilig. With the exception of Klaus Lange (who is in his 30s and motivated), the contributors are young (some in their teens) and motivated.

[[Okay, I’ve edited the last sentence so that no one feels slighted about age or motivation!]]

Thank you very much for this advertising. We'll try to aswer expectation. :-) ChristopherSaint
Als Amerikaner deutscher Abstammung, bin ich stolz auf meine deutscheredende Vetter--ob in Deutschland, Oesterreich, der Scheweiz, oder--ab und zu--Liechtenstein. TerryL
I am defenetly motivated. @William Dembski: Thanks you giving me a reason to start my midlifecrises... ;-) klauslange
People beyond 45 are usually asked here if they need help to get over the street. Markus Rammerstorfer
Dear me. Now I feel very old indeed. Janice
Herr Lange is 37 AND MOTIVATED. That is not old by itself (...) but above average compared to the other contributors. Markus Rammerstorfer
"With the exception of Klaus Lange, the contributors are young and motivated." Is Herr Lange old or unmotivated? ;) russ

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