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Is “human biodiversity studies” another name for racism?

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Just wondering whether this site is really about racism. If not, sorry. If so, ingenious, but ….

The note accompanying the link said,

Conservatives are supposed to be realists and there’s no stronger antidote to liberalism today than HBD (recent studies in human bio-diversity). Numerous studies in HBD show the complete futility of post-1960s liberalism. We’ve spent trillions of dollars on programs that recent genetic findings say have absolutely no way of working.

HBD is exploding on the internet. There is now a new HBD blog almost every week. Most of the new blogs seem to be by professors, public intellectuals or high-IQ college students.

For a while, only the elite of elite discussed HBD — but this is now changing.

A paradigm shift is underway — and HBD is the future.

Something doesn’t sound quite right here. Why would “HBD” be necessary to explain why post-1960s liberalism doesn’t work? Leo Tolstoy explained that over a hundred years ago when he said that everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. Even though one’s own self is precisely the area where one has complete authority to change things, it is the least sought venue for change. Futility is a given when everyone is demanding that everyone else change.

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