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Jonathan McLatchie and Gunter Bechly on conflicting evidence re common ancestry


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to elaborate - where the hell are all the little odd creatures that split off from a single cell, to give us what we see in the Cambrian explosion - there are none, so its complete and utter denial of evidence. And I don't see how it is a good explanation for anything if you can't get even close to showing some intermediates in between the single cell, which we have never seen fossilized, only supposed "tracks" of what could be either from some tiny lifeform, or more likely from a natural track we see all over small rocks - remember the supposed asteroid from mars that had all those cool tracks in it and Bill Clinton came out and said we found life from mars? Well that did not hold up for even a few days. Tom Robbins
To believe in common ancestry is to actually believe, at some point, we all come from a single ENORMOUSLY beyond all belief, lucky cell. No matter how you cut it, that is what you are asked to believe - total crap and reminds me of some pagan story telling. Tom Robbins

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