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Michael Denton: Life – 4 B years with no change

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From Michael Denton, author of Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis

As with other taxa-defining novelities, three is no evidence that any fundamental changes have occurred in the basic design of the cell system since its origination. The cell membrane, the basic metabolic paths, the ribosome, the genetic code, etc., are essentially invariant in all life forms on earth. And absolutely no plausible well-developed hypothetical evolutionary sequence has ever been presented showing how the cell night have evolved via a series of simpler cell-like systems. (p. 121)

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One Reply to “Michael Denton: Life – 4 B years with no change

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    Robert Byers says:

    AMEN. There would be no change if there was a blueprint. These dates come from geology paradigms and not biology. however they are useful to show biology has not changed amongst fossilized biology.

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