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“Nature gives a lesson in armor design”

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SYNOPSIS: The ocean is a perilous environment for a soft-bodied creature like a sea snail, so nature gives it an advanced nanostructured armor system that is stiff and strong yet lightweight. It’s called a shell. Now MIT scientists show that nature is indeed an expert nanoengineer.

For the paper go here: http://www.physorg.com/news6647.html.

Imagine a world in which there is no more funding for evolutionary biologists because all the interesting work on evolution is being done by (bio)engineers.

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oh, i meant to add to the nature part that it doesnt make sense that nature could engineer anything. we know that only an intelligence can truly engineer something. nature is surely not a conscious or intelligent entity! (well, it is but most scientists try to claim it is when applied to biological evolution!) jboze3131
hard for me to believe it came about by randomness and no guiding purpose (remember, they always tells us thst evolution has no real point and purpose in mind!)... "Now MIT scientists show that nature is indeed an expert nanoengineer." how on earth can natjure be an expert nanoengineer? i swear, only evolution can get away with these absurd statements. if someone said that chance and gradual changes brought about the space shuttle or a spy satellite, theyd be laughed at- if it comes to a biological form that is EVEN MORE ADVANCED than a spy satellite and a space shuttle, if you say it was anything but chance and mutations, YOU get laughed at! lets face it, even the smallest cell is more complex than anything man has built (yes, self repairing cells are more advanced than spy satellites, computer chips, space shuttles, and anything else man has created)...so why dont the same things apply? as i said, in nature you call it anything but evolution and youre laughed at, in any other field you call it chance, randomness, NS (or an equivalent) and youre the one who gets laughed at. it blows your mind the odd standard that only seems to apply in bio evo but would be laughed at in any other field. ugh! jboze3131
Is it hard for anyone else to believe that structure like that came about by simple random chance? I mean, the deeper we probe into the innerworkings of this world the more amazing and ingenious the complextity. St. Arbucks

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